Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1228

Heather chuckled. “Mr. Blackwood, nice to meet you, too. Come, have some tea.” Her smile never wavered, but she was panicking inwardly. Clearly, Felicia didn’t bring her husband here to have tea with me.

Oh, they must be here to discuss Fabian’s marriage. Ha! They are one step too late.

Heather hadn’t dabbled in the corporate world, but she was smart. Back then, she didn’t say Fabian would marry Lyna for sure. She was just trying to observe Lyna, but in the end…

“The tea is remarkable, right?” Heather poured herself a cup of tea and sipped on it.

“Mm, not bad,” came Leo’s reply. He wasn’t a fan of teas, but he was good at flattery.

They both exchanged pleasantries with Heather until Felicia lost patience and made eye contact with Leo.

Leo knew what she was trying to say. He coughed lightly and beamed at Heather. “Oh, right. We came to discuss something with you, Mrs. Norton.”

“Go ahead, Mr. Blackwood,” replied Heather.

“Right. I won’t beat around the bush.” He paused before continuing, “Felicia told me you had discussed our kids’ engagement.”

He stared at her earnestly.

“Mm, that’s right,” came Heather’s nonchalant reply.

Felicia looked at Leo smugly as though she were claiming the credit for bringing the kids together so he could gain an accomplished son-in-law.

Something flashed across Leo’s eyes as his smile widened. “Yes, yes. We’re here to discuss the marriage between your son and Lynnie. They are at the appropriate age to get married. Well…”

He trailed off as his gaze landed on Heather. I’ve made it clear. She must know what I’m implying.

Seemingly torn, Heather held on to her teacup and fell into deep thought.

Leo let out a chuckle and tried to ease the tension in the air. “Of course, if you want your son to focus on his career, that’s fine with us. They can get engaged first. That would suffice.”

Previously, when the butler informed Heather of their arrival, she had guessed as much and prepared an excuse to steer them away.

With a hint of resignation in her voice, she told them, “I’m really sorry. Yes, I was really worried about Fabian’s marriage and was relieved once I talked to Felicia.”

Hearing her words, Leo and Felicia couldn’t help but beam happily. They felt proud of their beautiful daughter.

After a brief pause, Heather continued, “Later on, I mentioned it to Fabian. He flew into a fit of rage and said his marriage was none of my business, to my utter shock. Whoever consented to this marriage will get married himself.” She sighed helplessly, about to break into tears any minute. “Felicia, I’m really sorry. My son refused to listen to me. I wasted half my life to bring him up, and this is how he repays me?”

The grins on Leo’s and Felicia’s faces froze.

Embarrassment washed over Leo instantly. Originally, he agreed to come, as Felicia claimed they just had to set a date. None of them expected Heather would change her mind. This is downright embarrassing.

Even Felicia was simmering in resentment. We’ve come to an agreement previously! Why is she going back on her word?

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