Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1230

Jason wasn’t interested at all. Seeing how thrilled Hannah was, he pouted his lips and muttered to himself, “It’s just a plain old bridge and stream. What’s the big deal?”

Helen rolled her eyes as she came to a stop next to him. “You just don’t know how to appreciate the scenery, do you? Don’t you find this tranquil?” She huffed. “Ah, forget it. You’re too dim-witted to get it!”

With that, Helen strode ahead and left Jason alone. “I’m dim-witted? You’re the fool! Idiot!” Jason yelled from behind her.

Shortly after, they reached a residential area with ancient houses which had withstood the test of time. There were also a few elderly people chatting happily beside the road.

Fabian led the way to Hannah’s mother’s house.

After walking quite a distance, he came to a stop in front of an old house.

“This is it,” he told Hannah.

At once, Hannah studied the grand but old house with two ferocious lion statues flanking its entrance.

The stately entrance itself showed that Hannah’s birth mother came from a wealthy and influential family.

Winson rushed to the lion statues and touched them carefully.

“When I was young, I remember Mom saying there were two lions guarding them. Finally, I get to see them today,” he uttered.

His mother told him about the lions to make him laugh back then. Deep down, he was overwhelmed with emotions.

“Hannah, open the door. I can’t wait,” he declared.

“Sure!” A flash of bitterness crept up Hannah’s heart. Winson had it worse than me.

She took one step forward and whipped out the keys to open the door.

Immediately, a green landscape greeted them.

“Seriously?” Helen parted her lips in shock.

Hannah’s mother had been dead for over ten years, and no one had occupied the house ever since. Right now, it was full of weeds.

“Oh? I don’t think we can enter,” Jason remarked coolly after taking a brief glance at the interior.

Instantly, Winson’s expression fell.

Hannah was at a loss, too. The yard was overrun with weeds, so there wasn’t even a path for them to walk on.

“This is nothing. We can just part the weeds and walk in,” replied Helen coolly as she took a step forward.

At once, Jason took her wrist and warned, “No way! The weeds are as tall as us. There might be snakes in here. What if they bite you?”

Helen scoffed in disdain. “Who are you trying to scare? I’m not afraid!” She shoved him away and strode toward the yard.

Before she could step in, someone took her arm.

It was Hannah. Hannah, too, wanted to enter her mother’s house, but Jason’s words made sense. There might be snakes and bugs inside the abandoned house.

“Helen, forget it. It’s better to be safe than sorry,” she spoke.

“Hannah, do you seriously believe his words?” demanded Helen. She refused to believe there would be snakes inside the yard.

“What if we run into one?” Hannah responded worriedly.

“We’ll come again. I’ll ask someone to clean the house up before our next visit. At least we know where it is now,” Fabian declared.

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