Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1231

Fabian felt slightly guilty for everyone was disappointed. He hadn’t expected the house to be overrun with weeds.

“Yeah,” Hannah replied weakly.

“What? Did she say no? What exactly did she say?” Lyna jolted up from the couch in shock after Felicia relayed everything to her.

“What else? She claimed Fabian wants to decide who to marry himself. She can’t interfere with his decision,” answered Felicia.

“How could she go back on her word? She agreed to it herself! I can’t believe someone as wealthy as her would be so untrustworthy!” Lyna grumbled.

She thought her parents would come back home with news of her marrying into the Norton family, but alas, they came back with bad news instead. How could she not be furious?

“No, this isn’t as simple as it looks. Does Fabian’s mother despise us?” Felicia questioned her daughter.

“Impossible! If she despises us, she wouldn’t have agreed to the marriage in the first place!” Lyna narrowed her gaze as her mind raced.

“Fabian wants to decide who to marry himself. Fabian wants to decide who to marry himself. Fabian…” she muttered to herself.

Suddenly, her face contorted with hatred. With her eyes wide open, she gritted out angrily, “Hannah Young! It must be her. I knew she and Fabian were acting strangely. They are not siblings!”

Evidently, Lyna had placed the blame on Hannah again.

“Hannah Young? Really? But Fabian said he thinks of Hannah like a sister. Does he have to lie to us? If there’s something between him and Hannah, why is she still a lowly journalist?”

Felicia didn’t think Hannah was the reason Fabian refused to marry her daughter.

“I’m not sure how, but Hannah is somehow involved!” Lyna insisted. Her hatred for Hannah heightened immediately. At the thought of how blissful Hannah was, she wished she could rip that b*tch into pieces.

Meanwhile, Hannah and her gang were about to reach the hospital.

They didn’t get to enter her mother’s home, but she did have fun with her gang.

Ah, the scenery was amazing. Mom’s hometown is a wonderful place. Next time, I’ll make sure to be well-prepared for a short stay there.

Soon, the car came to a stop at the hospital.

Fabian, as usual, held the door open for her. Hannah flashed a smile and stepped out of the car. Immediately, her smile froze in place.

Sensing her discomfort, Fabian looked where she was looking and frowned.

“Ms. Young, you’re back? My friend brought this reef clay mask back from the South Ocean. I heard it’s good for your skin, so I bought one for you.” The man was none other than Xavier.

“You’re as annoying as a bug!” exclaimed Helen unhappily.

“What a damper. Isn’t it obvious we had just returned from a family trip? Mr. Jackson is seriously irritating, huh?” After Jason got off the car, he looked straight at Helen and sneered.

“Helen! Jason! Don’t be rude!” Hannah reprimanded them at once. After all, Xavier remained polite the whole time. She couldn’t afford to offend him as he was her interviewee.

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