Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1232

Both Hannah and Jason glared at Xavier before zipping their mouths shut. They didn’t continue scorning him as Hannah had reprimanded them.

“It’s fine. They are just kids.” Xavier waved it off.

His answer was interpreted differently by Jason. How dare he say I’m a kid?

He’s just a few years older than me! If it weren’t for Hannah, I would’ve given him a beating!

Xavier handed her the reef clay mask again. “This is just a little gift. Please accept it, Ms. Young.”

“Uh…” Hannah was at a loss for words. What’s with the sudden gift? If I accept it, it will seem like I’m accepting his proposal. If I refuse to accept it, what will others think of me? It will be embarrassing for him, too. What should I do?

“Don’t you like my gift?” Xavier added.

What the heck? Hannah was rendered speechless. I never wanted any gift from you!

“Yeah, it’s not that great.” Right then, Fabian stepped out with a smirk on his lips.

“I’m giving Ms. Young a gift. Why are you stating your opinion, Mr. Norton? You can provide your opinion when someone gives you a gift,” retorted Xavier icily.

“Mm, you’re right. I wasn’t about to give my opinion, but your gift is too shabby. Indeed, East Ocean is famous for its reef clay mask, but I remember the effects aren’t that good. You’re wasting Hannah’s time. Besides, she has plenty of reef clay masks that I bought from the East Ocean. Why would she use a shoddy product from the South Ocean?” answered Fabian with a polite smile.

He didn’t seem to be mocking Xavier, but his voice was firm.

Xavier’s cheeks went pink at his words. Seeing how smug Fabian was, he retaliated, “The quality of the gift doesn’t matter as long as it shows my sincerity. I believe it’s better than someone who is all talk but no action.”

“Oh? Are you talking about me, Mr. Jackson? What a joke,” Fabian scoffed. “Everything that is mine is also Hannah’s. There’s no need for gifts between us.” The grin on his face widened.

Xavier’s lips trembled in fury. He was so furious words failed him.

“Ah, let’s go.” Fabian spared Xavier one last glance and took Hannah’s hand. “It’s windy out there. Be careful,” he reminded her gently.

Hannah initially wanted to bid goodbye politely to not embarrass Xavier, but Fabian led her away without letting her do so.

Helen and the rest trailed behind them.

Before Jason turned to leave, he made a funny face at Xavier.

An awkward silence ensued as Xavier was left alone.

Fabian Norton! I will never give up. You don’t deserve Hannah.

Xavier flung the gift out at the thought of that.

Hearing the commotion, Fabian raised a brow and muttered, “Ah, look at him. How dare he try to take my woman from me?”

“Ah? What did you say?” Hannah was busy sympathizing with Xavier to hear Fabian’s mumbling clearly.

Fabian chuckled. “Oh, it’s nothing. Let’s go.”

After Hannah returned to her ward, Amelia showed up with dinner. As usual, Fabian fed her the food.

He didn’t think much about it, but Hannah flushed red in embarrassment. Winson has been eating himself since two days ago. However, I still need Fabian to feed me.

As Helen and Jason kept teasing them, Hannah lowered her head shyly as a crimson red crept up her cheeks.

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