Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1235

Jason could barely hold in his laughter. Haha! Aunt Heather had just ignored Fabian!

Shaking his head wordlessly, Fabian’s lips curved up. He wanted to help Hannah, so his objective had been achieved. Since his mother adored Hannah, there was nothing for him to worry about.

The most agitated person was none other than Lyna. Her eyes reddened as her fists balled up. She had lowered her head, but it was clear how indignant she felt. Her hands, which had reached out to hold Heather’s hand earlier, were bleeding as she had dug her nails into her palm forcefully.

“Mm, I feel much better. I’m leaving the hospital today.” Hannah was Heather’s daughter-in-law, but she didn’t feel inferior because of her status.

Her slightly trembling voice remained calm. Obviously, she was still shaken by the close call.

“Yes, I heard about it from Fabian, so I came specially to visit you. I’m glad you’re alright now.”

Heather didn’t like Hannah to begin with, but after she hired someone to run a background check on Hannah, she realized the latter had never used Fabian’s card. Hannah resided in Fabian’s villa, but she didn’t spend a lot on her clothes.

To Heather’s utter surprise, Hannah returned the bags Fabian bought for her.

Clearly, Hannah wasn’t putting up an act. She wasn’t interested in spending Fabian’s money at all.

In the end, Heather grew to like her daughter-in-law.

“I suddenly remember I have something on. I need to leave now,” gritted Lyna out as her face contorted in anger.

“Lyna, have a safe trip home.” Hannah was the only one who replied to her.

Heather nodded in response while Fabian pretended not to hear her and continued peeling fruit for Hannah.

The moment Lyna stepped out of the room, her steps turned heavy. She trudged ahead as the sound of her high heels echoed down the corridor.

Whipping out her phone, she scrolled to someone’s phone number and made a call.

When the call was connected, she glanced around and made sure no one was around before whispering, “Find out everything about Fabian and Hannah. No expense is to be spared in this investigation. I’ll be waiting for you at Radford Holiday Cafe.”

After hanging up, her gaze flickered as a vicious grin appeared on her lips.

I’m not the only one who wants to marry Fabian. Don’t blame me for making you everyone’s target. Let’s see how you will deal with all the schemes.

Meanwhile, Heather chattered with the others amiably before leaving to visit a friend of hers.

“Call the Blackwood family. Did they forget about Winson’s discharge from the hospital today?” Jason demanded angrily. They were prepared to leave, but none of the Blackwoods were here, so they couldn’t leave.

Jason was growing increasingly impatient. How could the Blackwood family forget about Winson? If I were Winson, I would’ve left their family by now.

“Well…” Hannah trailed off hesitantly. I don’t think the Blackwood family has forgotten about this. They must be busy with something, hence the delay. They might be heading here now.

“There’s no need to call them. Winson can move into my place, which Fabian allowed me to stay for the time being. My holidays aren’t over yet, and I will be there for some time. We can go out and have fun together,” Helen suggested.

She turned and asked Winson, “Will you stay with me for the next few days, Winson? My place is nearby Hannah’s house. That way, we can spend more time together.”

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