Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1236

Winson couldn’t even find someone to talk to in the Blackwood Residence, let alone someone who’d spend time with him. Immediately, he agreed to Helen’s suggestion. “Sure, no problem! I’ll stay with you!”

Helen looked at her sister to gain her approval.

Seeing how excited Winson was, Hannah gave her a slight nod. Bitterness engulfed her heart when she realized how much her little brother had suffered in the Blackwood family.

If I weren’t staying with Fabian, I would’ve asked him to move in with me.

“Let’s go!” As they had come to a decision, Fabian spoke.

He told his subordinates to bring both Hannah and Winson’s stuff to his car.

“I’ll drop Winson off. Fabian, you can drop Hannah off to save time. We can have lunch on our own,” suggested Jason after glancing at his watch.

Fabian nodded in agreement.

“Time for our parents to meet up,” Fabian told Hannah coolly when they were both alone in the car.

“Huh?” His words took Hannah by astonishment.

“Don’t worry. I’ve already told your parents about it,” explained Fabian. He knew what Hannah was concerned about.

Hearing his explanation, Hannah heaved a sigh of relief. “Sure. I’ll ask my parents out for lunch, then.”

Nevertheless, Hannah felt nervous at the thought of her parents meeting Fabian’s mother. They will talk about us a lot. Luckily, my parents aren’t greedy people. Otherwise, that will be embarrassing.

Soon, they arrived at the villa. Hannah exhaled sharply. Finally, I no longer need to sleep in the tiny bed in the hospital!

They unpacked her stuff together and booked a private room at the hotel for lunch. Fabian then called Jason to ask him to bring Hendrick and Gillian to the hotel.

“The driver will give you a ride there. I need to go pick my mother up,” Fabian instructed.

“Sure!” Hannah nodded.

On the way to the hotel, Hannah stared blankly at the passing scenery. She didn’t know what to feel about the current situation. Everything felt perfect yet surreal.

Am I going to settle down with Fabian? When will our wedding be held? Or is this just a simple meeting between our parents?

Suddenly, a scene of Fabian feeding her soup flashed across her mind.

He was such a gentleman. Instinctively, she leaned nearer to him so she could snuggle into his warm embrace.

Alas, she knocked right into the cold window.

Shaking her head, Hannah berated herself for being delusional, but the grin on her face was unmistakable.

Fabian must be serious this time, right? Hannah thought.

She didn’t know the answer to that question. After all, only Fabian himself knew whether he was sincere or merely toying around with her feelings.

Soon, the car arrived at the hotel. When Hannah got off the car, she immediately spotted Helen waiting at the entrance.

“Hannah! This way!” Helen waved her hands excitedly.

“Hannah, Jason told me Fabian’s mother wants to meet our parents. Are they going to discuss your marriage?” asked Helen curiously.

“Hey!” Hannah blushed and gave her a vague reply. Instead of continuing the conversation, she strode ahead.

“What’s wrong? Are you feeling shy? You’re living together with Fabian. Why are you still this shy?” teased Helen.

“Stop it!” uttered Hannah in exasperation. She knew Helen was teasing her on purpose.

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