Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1238

Seeing the flush on Hannah’s cheeks, Fabian shook his head and introduced his mother to the Youngs. “This is my mother.”

Of course. Hendrick thought. But why is his mother here alone? What about his father? He stopped wondering after a while. He must be busy running his business empire. Obviously, he isn’t as free as me.

They started chatting merrily. Heather was so excited she even talked about Fabian’s childhood. Hannah couldn’t help but giggle after hearing about Fabian’s childhood. She didn’t know he was such a cheeky kid.

Jason perked his ears up so he wouldn’t miss anything. Fabian was already an accomplished man when Jason started working for him, so it was rare to get to hear about his childhood stories.

At first, Hendrick and his wife were slightly cautious because of Heather’s influential background. They were afraid of saying something wrong which could potentially embarrass their daughter. As their conversation flowed along smoothly, they soon realized their in-law was down to earth. Soon, they let down their guard and chatted heartily with her.

Lunch was over rather quickly. As the parents had a great time, Fabian and Hannah felt thrilled too.

During lunch, Heather never mentioned their wedding. Strangely, a trace of disappointment crept into Hannah’s heart.

As Heather steered clear of this topic, Hendrick couldn’t bring himself to mention it. It would be too embarrassing to mention the wedding as a representative of the bride since the groom’s mother said nothing about it. There was also the question of the wedding gift. If he were to mention it, people might think they were after Fabian’s money.

Fabian then asked Jason to give the Youngs a ride home while he brought Hannah and Heather back to Norton Residence.

Upon arrival, Hannah inhaled sharply when she saw how grand Norton Residence was. Once she recalled Phoenix Group was one of the top companies in the country, she relaxed visibly. Fabian is the president of Phoenix Group. No wonder the Nortons reside in this huge residence.

They entered the living room and headed for the couch. Before they could sit down, Heather blurted out, “Fabian, Hannah, when are you holding your wedding ceremony?”

Hannah froze awkwardly at her sudden question. Clearly, she had no idea when the wedding would be held as Fabian called the shots in their relationship.

However, Fabian remained silent. Heather turned at her shoulder and urged, “When?”

As Fabian remained unfazed and showed no signs of answering Heather’s question, Hannah thought he wasn’t going to marry her.

Her lips parted as she uttered in disappointment, “Mom, about our wedding—”

Before she could finish, Fabian stepped forward and pulled her into his arms.

His sudden actions caught Hannah by surprise. Her eyes widened in disbelief as she stared at him.

“What the heck are you doing? Your mom is right beside us. Let me go,” she whispered in his embrace.

Her brows were knitted, so Fabian smirked and drawled, “What’s wrong? Are you shy?”

Hannah was rendered speechless. She felt a flash of irritation upon seeing how cheeky he was. What the heck? Just say you don’t want to marry me. I didn’t force you to hold the wedding ceremony, anyway.

She was deep in thought when Fabian announced, “Mom, the wedding will be held tomorrow.”

Hannah’s breathing turned quick at his announcement. She bit her tongue in astonishment. The pain caused her to hiss out loud. This isn’t a dream.

Tomorrow? Our wedding will be held tomorrow? Hannah couldn’t believe it as it was too unreal. She couldn’t help but ask herself, Has he decided to marry me for real?

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