Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1240

“Huh? What do you mean by a wedding invitation?” Lyna was curious. After all, that could only mean that Fabian was getting married.

“It’s a wedding invitation to Hannah and Fabian’s wedding!” explained Felicia.

“What?” Lyna was so astounded that her vision went black for one second. Fabian and Hannah are getting married? What about me, then?

“Come back here!” she howled at the man who was leaving the room.

The man froze instantly. Even if you’re mad from the phone call, don’t vent out your anger on me!

“Lynnie, listen. Let’s forget about this. Fabian is married, so stop dreaming about marrying him. You should get another man,” Felicia tried to comfort her daughter as she knew how rash her daughter was.

“Mom, stop it. I know what to do!” Lyna cut the line and flung her phone out in fury.

“Well, well. Hannah Young, you’re swift, huh? I can’t believe you’ve managed to persuade Fabian to marry you this soon! I won’t give up! Never!” Lyna muttered to herself angrily.

The man who was working for her immediately snorted. They are married, so exposing their cohabitation is useless now.

“You! Come here!” Lyna commanded sternly.

The man knew she was mad, so he scuttled over obediently lest he offended her.

At the same time, there were plenty of women who blew their top upon finding out Fabian was about to marry Hannah tomorrow.

In an office, a man wearing shades received another phone call asking him to investigate Hannah again.

He told his subordinate, “Print another copy of Hannah Young’s details and sent them to Ms. Cinder.”

His subordinate wondered out loud, “Who is this Hannah Young? Many socialites had been asking about her recently.”

On the other hand, Yvette was meeting a bearded man. “I need your help,” she told him.

The man seemed nonchalant. “Ms. Tanner, you’re so gorgeous. I believe plenty of men would be delighted to help you. Why would you come to me?”

“Will you help me or not!” Yvette demanded. As the man was eyeing her like a pervert, disgust crept up her heart. I wouldn’t have asked for your help if others could do it!

“Sure, why not? There’s no reason for me to turn you away, Ms. Tanner,” replied the man with a grin.

“I believe you’ve heard about Fabian’s wedding.” Yvette didn’t beat around the bush.

“Of course.” Fabian was an influential man, so he sent out invitations to every big shot in the city—including those in the underworld. Hence, the news of his wedding had spread quickly.

But of course, this man wasn’t invited for he was a nobody who worked under someone else.

“Yes. I don’t wish to see the bride at the venue tomorrow,” Yvette declared.

“Mm? What do you mean? Do you want to…” the man mimicked slitting his throat.

Instead of replying to him, Yvette gave him a firm nod. Obviously, she had decided to kill Hannah.

Shocked, the man staggered backward and fell into his chair. He swallowed silently.

“Uh, I don’t think I can do this. You know how capable Fabian is. If he gets upset…” he trailed off and met Yvette’s gaze.

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