Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1247

The three of them had more than three earring holes. Besides, they had their hair dyed in every imaginable color, and their hairstyles were weird. None of them looked ordinary.

Upon seeing that, Hannah laughed awkwardly and looked at Fabian quizzically as she queried, “What?”

Actually, her whole sentence was ‘What the hell are you doing!’.

“They are the make-up artists from a make-up company under Phoenix Group,” Fabian explained.

Before Hannah could get a chance to refuse, he signaled for the artists to move forward. At that, they immediately approached Hannah.

To the make-up artists and stylists, the first step was to identify the client’s face shape and temperament. After that, they would do a make-up application tailored to the client’s features.

Hence, the three of them surrounded Hannah and sized her up.

Seeing that, immense shock gripped Hannah. These people look at me as though I’m a baboon! Why? Is there something on my face?

Not long after, the artists started putting on make-up on Hannah. After they had done, Hannah looked at herself in the mirror and widened her eyes in surprise. Is this really me?

She was at a loss for words at that time. Oh my god! The make-up is on point! The eyeshadow makes me look so alluring.

I think I will definitely look pretty in photos without using a beauty filter now. Hannah pondered to herself.

“Mr. Norton, the make-up is done. Next, we need to go to the hair salon to style Ms. Young’s hair,” One of the make-up artists said.

Fabian turned toward Hannah and scrutinized her carefully. At that time, the latter looked prettier and more feminine than usual with make-up on.

Upon seeing that, Fabian nodded with satisfaction and instructed gently, “Follow them to the hair salon. I’ll send someone to drive you to the villa that I’ve arranged for your family after you’ve done.”

“Okay,” answered Hannah.

Meanwhile, Helen was putting on make-up at the villa that Fabian arranged for her to stay in with a bright smile on her face. She was glad that Hannah and Fabian found each other and formed a family together.

At that time, she was looking forward to seeing their marital home. She was curious how Fabian, who was known for his extravagant spending styles, would decorate their new house.

On the other hand, her parents were sitting on the sofa and kept drinking water. There were constant smiles on their faces. Obviously, Hannah’s marriage got them nervous and excited at the same time.

Fabian arranged the ceremony at the villa that he prepared for Helen while the wedding banquet was set at Glory Hotel.

Everything was going on as planned.

In his bedroom, Fabian changed into the groom’s suit and tied a ribbon on his neck. Then, he put on a broad smile and murmured, “Hmm… this silly girl looked different with heavy make-up.”

Meanwhile, the entrance of Glory Hotel was decorated with red buntings and hot air balloons which fluttered along with the wind.

“Congratulations on your wedding day, Fabian and Hannah.”

“May today mark the first of the rest of your life, filled with love and fellowship.”

“May your love grow stronger with each and every passing year.”

At that time, the various luxury cars that were parked at the parking lot of Glory Hotel were sufficient to form an auto show. There were Maybach, Rolls Royce, Bentley, Lamborghini, Porsche, and many more.

In the meantime, at the hotel’s lobby, Heather, who had arrived early on, was socializing with the guests.

The guests were all the rich and powerful. The elites from different industries and even the officials of Baykeep had attended the wedding too.

“Go pick your sister-in-law up from the hair salon and send her to the villa. Then, come back here and accompany me to fetch her from the villa,” Fabian instructed Jason.

Hearing that, Jason nodded petulantly. He didn’t understand why Fabian wanted to make things difficult, but he dared not to question the latter and could just follow the order.

At that time, a few colleagues who acted as bridesmaids at Hannah’s wedding had arrived at the villa. They chatted happily with each other and congratulated Hannah sincerely.

“Is everything ready?” Fabian picked up his phone and queried softly.

After receiving responses from the other side, he stood up and walked out of the room. Then, he got into a white Rolls Royce and ordered in a calm tone, “Head out.”

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