Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1248

In an instant, the time seemed to have frozen. The sound of engines roaring filled the entrance of Fabian’s villa.

Then, the wedding convoy left the villa. From the convoy, everyone could tell that Fabian was a rich and powerful person. At that time, all roads leading to the destination were sealed off. With the police car clearing the path, the Ferrari led the convoy, followed by Porsches, the Bentleys escorted the black Rolls Royces on both sides while the Hummers escorted it in front and at the back. In the middle of the black Rolls Royces was Fabian’s white Rolls Royce. It was a grand sight indeed!

Upon seeing that, the passers-by were stunned. Some people even stopped their cars to watch the ostentatious convoy and to take a selfie.

The paparazzi also whipped out their camera immediately to capture the majestic scene.

“Hahaha! It’s finally time for our magazine company to shine. Hannah is our team member. I am sure that our magazine sales will definitely reach a new high and surpass other teams this time.”

On the way to Glory Hotel, Bob witnessed the convoy. He couldn’t stop himself from chuckling aloud upon seeing those people who kept taking photos with the wedding convoy.

“Heh. Go ahead and take pictures. I don’t believe you can get any special and exclusive photos or news,” Bob mumbled to himself delightfully. Obviously, he already knew that a few of his team members were Hannah’s bridesmaids.

With the sirens of the police car, the convoy had arrived at the destination.

Helen thought something serious had happened when she heard that. Hence, she rushed to the window to see what was going on. In the next second, she was greeted by an unexpected sight. A fleet of luxurious cars stopped in front of the villa. Then, she saw Fabian got out of the car. The latter was clad in a custom-made black suit which made him look handsome.

“Woah! What a grand sight!” Helen gulped and exclaimed in surprise.

Despite having prepared herself for an ostentatious wedding convoy, Hannah still hadn’t expected the convoy to be that spectacular.

Upon stepping out of the car, Fabian straightened his cuffs. He lifted his head to look at the villa and exclaimed secretly. Finally, I can openly marry you! Then, he instructed indifferently, “Let’s go.”

As Fabian’s loyal subordinate, Jason stood in front to lead the men and walked toward the entrance of the villa. His pocket looked bulging because he had stuffed a stack of cash money inside it.

Helen knew Jason would definitely come and join in the ceremony. Thus, she offered to guard the door in the living room.

“Quick, open the door, missy. Fabian is here to pick up his bride,” Jason knocked on the door and said in excitement.

“Why are you so thrilled? This isn’t even your wedding,” said Helen as she saw Jason stood in front and closest to the door via the peephole.

“Tsk! It’s not yours either. Why do you have to block the door? Open the door,” Jason twitched his lips and replied coldly.

“Cut the crap! You have to bribe us for us to open the door! Otherwise, we won’t let you in.”

Since Helen was in the villa at that time, she dared to make things difficult for Jason.

“Fine, I give it to you now. Open the door, please.”

Jason knew the more important thing right now was to clear the entrance for Fabian. Hence, he followed the former’s instructions.

He put the money into the red envelopes, arranged them into the shape of an open fan and showed the envelopes in front of the peephole, and said, “I have put the money into the envelopes. Open the door, and I will give it to you now. How am I going to give it to you if you don’t open the door, Helen?”

After pondering for a short while, Helen realized what Jason said made sense. However, she didn’t open the door immediately because she knew that the latter wouldn’t give her the money once he had gained entrance.

Therefore, she inserted the chain knob into the slide plate before opening the door.

Hearing the sound of the door unlocked, Jason exerted a slight force with his hands, trying to push the door open.

“Hmph! I knew it. Luckily I’m smart. Quick, give me the red envelopes,” said Helen with a proud expression on her face.

Jason didn’t mind that. He took out a few envelopes, passed them to her through the gap of the door, and queried, “Can you open the door now?”

Helen reached her hand out to take over the envelopes. Then, she raised her middle finger at the former.

“Hmph! That’s not enough! Quick, give me all the envelopes. Don’t you dare play games with me or I won’t open the door. Fabian will hold you responsible if you waste his time.”

You! Hmph! This damned lass tricks me again!

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