Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1252

Hannah grabbed hold of Fabian and burst into tears.

The car came to a stop after it had driven a short distance away.

They were lucky that the driver reacted quickly, and that the Rolls-Royce was a fast car. Without either one, Fabian and Hannah could not have lived to tell the tale.

“Hey… rest in peace.”

The aid was shaking all over as he choked. Then, he started the car again and drove away from the chaotic scene.

The car behind Fabian had quickly backed away when the intruding car approached, but its windows had shattered because of the explosion. Many passengers in the car suffered from minor injuries and were taken to the hospital.

“Mr. Norton, it seems that you have been right to worry.” The speaker was the person Fabian had purposefully called some time ago. The man was a retired serviceman of the Chanaean special force. Fabian had the man deliberately transferred to their location upon receiving the news.

“Alright. We’re safe. Let’s get into a different car.”

Fabian took Hannah’s hand and opened the car door.

Jason sprinted over to them. After he confirmed with his own eyes that Fabian and Hannah were safe and sound, he heaved a sigh of relief.

“Fabian, that was a close call. We must find out the culprit behind all this. I’ll kill them!”

“Alright, let’s put this behind us. We have a wedding to see through. We can deal with the rest later.”

Fabian shrugged.

“Hello? Okay. Understood. Remember, I want you to deal with the rest. Leave no evidence behind. Or I’ll deal with you!”

Lyna sat in a corner on the first floor of Glory Hotel. Her face turned grim after she got off the phone.

“Ho! Fortune favors the bold, Hannah. You’re lucky to escape death.”

Lyna raised the glass of wine in her hand and gulped it down. Her lips curled into a sly grin. “But this is getting much more interesting. I didn’t think there’d be other parties who dared to join in on this venture. They’re just as bold as I am, if not more. Maybe, just maybe, I can seek them out and work together to get rid of Hannah once and for all. Let’s see if that woman can survive the storm.”

At the same time, Yvette had also gotten wind that the plan had failed. Compared to Lyna, she was far more nervous. Her face turned deadly pale for fear that Fabian would find out that she was the one behind the attack.

It was naturally easy for Fabian to invest in her. The reason for her achievements to date was largely due to Fabian’s support.

Similarly, it would be just as easy for Fabian to kill off her career. It would be tantamount to squashing an ant.

She downed a few more glasses before leaving the reception hall in a haste.

Over the years, Fabian had seen his fair share of tragedies and had braved through countless obstacles in life. What just happened was practically a piece of cake to him. Although infuriated, he set his rage aside for now. In his mind, his marriage to Hannah was of top priority.

Fabian had been holding his bride’s hand, and that made Hannah a lot calmer. The interlocking of their fingers gave her a great sense of security.

The pair had finally arrived at the entrance of Glory Hotel. As soon as they got out of the car, the crowd rushed over and surrounded them. Among the crowd were several reporters. their cameras flashing.

The crowd escorted them into the hall.

Heather approached the couple when they finally showed up. “Fabian, what took you so long? The guests have been waiting! Quick, get up there and make a speech so that we may begin the ceremony!”

Fabian nodded. He did not even consider mentioning the accident to his mother because he did not want her to worry. Furthermore, he was confident that he could resolve the matter privately.

“Today, I am pleased to have all of you here to attend my wedding. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Fabian stepped onto the stage, took over the microphone, and addressed the audience.

“Without further ado, I hope you all can have a good time today.”

Fabian finished his speech and passed the microphone back to the host. During the whole process, he never let go of Hannah’s hand, while his eyes actively scanned the crowd, looking for suspects. He believed that the culprit who had attempted to kill him and his wife was most likely among the guests.

“Okay, that was a simple speech from Mr. Norton himself. The auspicious hour is upon us, so let’s get to the main event.”

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