Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1257

“Ms. Blackwood, I’ve also found the answers you seek. The other party is led by Yvette, a popular celebrity in film and entertainment,” the informant reported.

“Yvette? That woman who’s rather close to Fabian?” Lyna snorted. “Who would have guessed that a foolish woman like her had the gall to do something like this. If I can find her, surely Fabian can do the same. Oh, a miserable fate awaits her. Hahaha!”

Lyna had pegged Yvette as nothing but Fabian’s plaything. She held the greatest contempt for the star actress. Both of them might have practically committed the same crime but, to Lyna, she had done it for a much nobler cause. Once she had Hannah eliminated from the equation, then she would be the Norton family’s rightful daughter-in-law. As for Yvette? She was nothing more than one of Fabian’s filthy rags.

“Alright, that’s all. You can go now,” Lyna gave the informant a wave, motioning him to leave.

But that person had no intention of leaving. He just stood there in front of Lyna, and she was getting irritated.

“What are you still standing there for? I told you to go. Do you understand me?” Lyna was already quite furious. Her own plans failed time and time again, and she had to watch Fabian and Hannah show their affection in public that day.

Even a subordinate was going against her. Fed up, she lashed out at the informant, pouring out her dissatisfaction, and even went as far as to pick up a teacup on the table and smash it onto the floor.

The man quickly turned sideways when he noticed Lyna’s fury. He hesitated whether he should bring up the issue on his mind. Eventually, he spoke, “Miss, about the payment…”

He did not go on. He just looked at Lyna as he waited for her answer.

Lyna only got angrier at his request. You’ve done such a shabby job, and I don’t even know if Fabian would find out about me, yet here you are asking me about payment? Are you incredibly bold or incredibly foolish?

Those were her thoughts, but she kept them to herself, because she knew she would need more help later. If she had revealed what had been on her mind, she would surely be blacklisted in the black market, and by then she would have nothing to gain.

“What’s the rush? I’m the successor of the Blackwood Group, do you think I’ll withhold your money? You may leave now. I’ll transfer the money to your account in a few days,” Lyna muttered impatiently and showed the man out the door.

At Fabian and Hannah’s marital home.

“Fabian, come here.” As soon as Fabian opened the door to the house, he heard Hannah calling his name, albeit vaguely. She was obviously drunk, her speech reduced to incoherent slurs.

Fabian resisted a giggle, and for a moment he thought Hannah should probably build up her tolerance to alcohol. But then he changed his mind. Hannah’s my wife now, why does she need to do that? I suppose this is fine too.

With that in mind, Fabian strode towards the master bedroom.

“Fabian, listen to me carefully. Right here is a bucket of chicken soup. I want you to drink it all! To the very last drop! Do it, otherwise…”

Fabian had just arrived at the doorway when he heard Hannah’s demands. He grimaced. The door of the bedroom was left open. Fabian stepped in and surveyed the room.

In Hannah’s hand was a bottle of wine. She was holding it in front of Helen, with one hand on her hips. She slowly pronounced her next few words, “Otherwise… Ho! Ho!”

Fabian froze, suddenly at a loss for words at the sight of Hannah’s comical posture and inarticulate ramblings. Silly woman. Emboldened by liquid courage, haven’t you? Looks like you should refrain from drinking alcohol in the future.

Fabian strolled towards them and snatched the wine bottle away from Hannah’s hand. He said to her, “Alright, you’ve had too much to drink. You should take a rest.”

Exactly as Fabian had predicted, Hannah was hammered. But would drunk Hannah behave similarly to normal Hannah? Yeah, right! Before drinking, she belonged to the Earth. After drinking, everything on Earth belonged to her.

“I… I… I’m not drunk! Don’t touch me!” Hannah exclaimed when Fabian snatched the wine bottle away from her. She pointed a finger at Fabian, wobbling unsteadily.

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