Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1259

Alright, if you want it off, I’ll have it off.

A sly smile appeared on Fabian’s face as he approached Hannah.

Hannah nodded, satisfied. She was going to have so much fun, between drinking wine, bullying Fabian, and having her fantasies.

Seeing how obedient Fabian was, Hannah turned her back towards him and motioned for him to unzip her dress.

The sound that Hannah heard roused her suspicions. Was that ripping? She reached behind and felt around her back. Her dress was torn!

Fabian had ripped Hannah’s wedding dress wide open. With a grin, he said, “Okay, you can take it off now!”

“F*ck! You actually tore my wedding dress? Alright, I’ve got a bone to pick, mister.” Hannah rushed towards Fabian in a huff.

But before reaching Fabian, Hannah stopped.

Wait, this is a dream, right? It’s no big deal. So what if it’s torn? Everything will be back to normal when I wake up anyway.

“Fine, I’ll let it slide. But if you misbehave, you’re done for!” Hannah had an imperious air about her, almost as if her forgiveness was doing him a big favor.

Without stopping to see Fabian’s reaction, she slipped out of her wedding dress. Hannah had been feeling uncomfortable and had wanted to remove her dress during the wedding. However, Fabian’s arrival had sent her mind into a flurry, and her momentary discomfort was forgotten.

“Honestly, you’re incorrigible. You’re still so domineering and rude even in my dreams.”

This silly girl is interesting.

Fabian looked at Hannah, who seemed to assume that she was still dreaming. He then decided to see what other shenanigans she would engage in if left to her own devices.

Hannah moved about the room clumsily, struggling to remove her wedding dress. She managed to wrestle the sleeves off before finally collapsing on the bed to shimmy out of her dress slowly.

Fabian held his breath, as heat pooled in his lower belly.

Just then, Hannah was laid out over the bed in her lingerie. His eyes raked over her smooth, white skin, tracing over the hills and valleys that made up her figure. She was also drunk, and the alcohol lent a light pink blush to her face. She looked as ethereal as a fairy who had just emerged from the woods.

“You pervert. What are you staring at? Do you think you can force yourself on me? That’s not going to happen.”

A perfunctory glance at Hannah showed her reclining on the bed. Her head was propped up by one arm as she lay there like a Greek goddess. His eyes shone as he let his gaze wander over her long, slender legs. If he was not that curious about what Hannah would do, Fabian would have likely thrown himself onto her by now.

So, do I wait for you to finish, or do I put an end to this myself? Fabian smiled, his gaze was dark.

“Well, off to the kitchen with you and finish that bowl of chicken soup. I want that bowl empty!” Hannah drawled lazily and gestured at Fabian with a finger.

Fabian was rendered speechless by this and remembered something that he had done to her involving chicken soup. He never thought she would bring this up now.

“You were sick, and I wanted you to drink that so you could replenish your strength!” Fabian had decided to explain himself and placate her so that she would not mention it again.

“I. KNOW!” yelled Hannah. She then pursed her lips and continued. “I still want you to have it.”

Fabian wanted to retort but he was silenced by Hannah mimicking his usual tone. “Hmm?”

He shook his head. This silly girl is as silly as she gets. Do you think that mocking someone else’s speech is polite behavior?

Hannah could not care less. Rather, she seemed to be quite happy to mock Fabian since it brought her a smug sense of satisfaction.

“Fine, I’ll drink it.” Fabian shrugged, turned on his heel, and left.

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