Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1264

Fabian turned his head around when he heard her, and then he saw Hannah standing naked in front of him. A gleam flashed across Fabian’s eyes, and he started placidly, “Um, are you trying to seduce me?”


Hannah couldn’t seem to understand what he was saying but she noticed Fabian was staring straight at her, making her feel uneasy.

What’s there to see? Isn’t it just a pink towel? If you like it so much, I can buy one for you tomorrow.

Well, I better make a run now as I’m only covered with this towel. If this guy gets all aroused again, it’ll be unthinkable.

Just when Hannah raised her foot, prepared to escape from the scene…

Wait a minute…

Hannah felt something soft under her foot, so she looked down unwittingly. There on the ground was her pink towel.

Hannah took a look at her own body. There was nothing left on it.

“Ahh! Pervert! What are you looking at!”

Hannah grabbed the towel hurriedly and wrapped herself up again very swiftly.

“It wasn’t me who took it off. Besides, I thought it was you taking your towel off on purpose to seduce me.”

Hearing that, Fabian curled his lips into a devious smile and teased Hannah.

“I seduce you? Oh please, it’s you taking advantage of me.”

In response to Fabian’s shameless reply, Hannah stared at him and countered.

“Wasn’t that what you did? Tell me then. Who was the one taking off her clothes and kissing me so eagerly? That was such an enticing moment!”


Hannah’s face glowed in red at that remark and she ran off in a tick.

“This silly woman. We’ve had a wedding already. Why is she still behaving like that?”

Looking at Hannah’s figure as she left, Fabian shook his head, stood up, and headed toward the washroom.

“Anyhow, I like that,” Fabian murmured to himself as he walked.

Returning to her room and locking the door, Hannah panted as she leaned against the door.

Argh! How embarrassing was that! Why am I such an idiot!

Hannah couldn’t stop beating herself up for her own lack of intelligence, but she was also rather helpless as it was inborn, and she couldn’t help it either.

However, very soon, she realized a serious issue. I don’t have any clothes here!

It was their marital home that had been specifically prepared by Fabian for Hannah. It was Hannah’s first time being there, so naturally, she didn’t bring any of her clothes over.

When she opened the wardrobe, she was instantly baffled. It’s empty!

She thought Fabian must have done it on purpose.

What should I do now? I don’t have anything to wear.The wedding gown? Who am I kidding? It has been ripped apart by Fabian.

Just as she was at a loss for ideas, her phone chimed and she took a gander. It was Helen.

Ah, it’s still my own sister whom I can actually rely on. I can ask her to bring me a set of clothing.

“Hello? Helen?” Hannah picked up the call and uttered excitedly.

Over the phone, however, Helen sounded a little awkward. “Hello, Hannah, umm… are you busy right now?”

Helen was thinking to herself that Hannah and Fabian might be getting busy around that time.

“Eh? I’m not busy. Why?”

In fact, Hannah was trying to imply something else. I’m not busy. Come find me and bring me some clothes now.

“Ah, I see. It’s good then. Jason just called and told me that he had found out who was trying to get you killed and asked me not to relay it to you. He said he would tell you himself after avenging you.”

“What? Who is that? Forget it. You know what? Why don’t you come find me directly and we’ll talk about it then? Let me give Jason a call first. I can’t let him mess around.”

Hannah was astounded by that news. Jason actually found out the person who tried to kill me and wants to avenge me. What has gotten into him? With his temper, it’s really unimaginable what sort of trouble he’ll be stirring up.

“Oh, yeah, bring me a set of clothing when you come. It’s a new house and I didn’t prepare any,” Hannah told her sister.

In the meantime, she remembered all at once that her undergarments had also been torn by Fabian, so she started rather bashfully again, “Umm… Help me buy some undergarments, too. I spilled some alcohol on mine accidentally.”

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