Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1266

“Why are you here?”

As soon as Helen pushed the car door open, she saw Jason who was about to go in, so she asked in surprise.

“Why can’t I come, huh? So you’re allowed to come to visit your sister and I’m not allowed to visit Fabian? Also, it’s Hannah who called me over this time!” Rather displeased, Jason replied.

“Well, of course you’re allowed to. Let’s go in.”

With that, Helen strode forward to the villa and couldn’t help taking larger and quicker steps.

She had a guilty conscience as she knew exactly why Hannah called him over. It must have been because Hannah was afraid that he would stir up troubles.

“Tsk. Why is she in such a hurry?”

Looking at Helen walking at such a hurried pace, Jason couldn’t help twitching his lips.

Helen knocked on the door, and it was Fabian who opened the door for her. Hannah must be embarrassed to leave the room because she has no clothes to wear. Thinking of that, Helen laughed softly and asked Fabian, “Fabian, where’s Hannah?”

“Oh, Hannah’s in the bedroom.”

Fabian pointed at the room which Hannah was in as he answered and was about to close the door.

“Fabian, hold on. There’s still me.”

Jason called out quickly, but he couldn’t refrain from complaining within his mind. Hey, why does he only see her? Hello? I’m right behind her.

“Why are you here, too?”

Fabian wasn’t very surprised to see Helen, and when he saw the bag Helen was carrying, he knew Helen had come to bring Hannah some clothes for change. But what is Jason here for?

“I… I was called upon by Hannah.”

Jason was a little irritated. Why? Can’t I just come for a visit? Must there be some issues going on then only I’m allowed here? What an ingrate of a man. He forgot about me as soon as he got himself a wife.

“Hannah asked you to come, huh? Well, come on in then.”

Fabian was a little curious as to why Hannah had asked Jason to come.

When Helen got to Hannah’s room, she noticed that it was locked, so she called out softly, “Hannah?”

Upon hearing that, Hannah got off the bed, wrapping herself in the towel, and opened the door.

“Hannah, why do you have to lock the door?” Helen couldn’t help but ask.

“Err, I… I’m used to living by myself. It’s a habit. It’s just a habit,” Hannah explained in embarrassment. At the same time, she took the bag from Helen and led her to the bedside.

“I see. Alright then.” Helen didn’t say anything else.

“You said that Jason had found the person who tried to kill me. Are you sure? Who’s that?”

Hannah took out the undergarment Helen had prepared for her, pulled the towel off, and started putting it on.

They had been sharing a bedroom since young, so naturally, Hannah had no qualms changing in front of her sister.

“Oh, it was Jason who received the information, but judging from his tone, it should be accurate. Anyway, I’m not too sure, but I do know who it was. It’s the celebrity who always stars in period dramas— Yvette!” Helen told Hannah.

“What? It’s her!”

At that moment, Hannah had already put on the undergarment and was taking other clothes out of the bag, but as she heard that, her hand paused mid-air for a while.

However, she came round it very soon and continued to dress herself up. She wasn’t very surprised by the fact that Yvette was trying to harm her. That woman and her assistant have been making all sorts of bitter remarks in front of me every time they see me, and they’ve always sounded crude and harsh. Besides, she was so complacent when she was together with Fabian and acted as though she was his wife.

“Hannah, I really don’t understand what that woman has to do with you. She’s an actor. What was she coming against you for? Why didn’t she just get herself together and play her role in the drama?”

Helen knew nothing about the matter so it was understandable that she would feel strange about it.

“It’s all because of Fabian!” Hannah couldn’t help but grumble.

She could still remember carrying the camera under the scorching sun and watched the two of them being so intimate with one another.

“Fabian? What do you mean?”

Helen was more confused. What does this have to do with Fabian?

“Oh, nothing. It’s nothing.”

Hannah quickly glossed over it, and it was only then did she realized she let it slip. She didn’t want Helen to have a bad impression of Fabian.

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