Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1268

Rolling her eyes, Helen had other plans in her mind. Since Yvette had crossed the line and tried to kill her sister, Helen had no problem at all with whatever Jason wanted to do to her.

I’ll fully support Jason when the time comes. How dare Yvette go against my sister!

After that, Helen left the room with Hannah.

“Jason, here you are.” As soon as Hannah came out of the room, she called out to Jason.

“Yes, Hannah. What’s the matter? Why did you ask me to come?” In response, Jason asked Hannah.

Helen was a little awkward at that moment. If she knew that Yvette was so execrable, she wouldn’t have told Hannah about it. She thought it was a sticky situation, so at that moment, when she saw Jason, she had a guilty conscience.

Thinking of that, Helen sat right next to Fabian and smiled at him as she called out to him, “Fabian.”

There was another half of the sentence which she didn’t articulate. If anything happens later, please help me.

Fabian nodded as he understood instantly when he saw Helen looking at him with her pleading eyes.

“I heard that… You’ve found out the culprit behind the car crash?”

Hannah sat beside Jason and asked.

Jason didn’t answer. Instead, he eyed Helen with a disdainful and exasperated expression. I trusted you with my plan and told you not to tell Hannah about it. And what a traitor you are. You just turned your back on me and sold me out.

Looking at the piercing glint in Jason’s eyes and the expression on his face which suggested that he would eat her alive, Helen couldn’t help but draw herself closer to Fabian.

“Jason, have you found out about it?” Fabian also questioned him.

“I… I did.”

All of a sudden, Jason felt like someone had rained on his parade. Great. All my efforts will be going to waste again. Just look at how Hannah reacted. She even called me over purposely just for this. I’m sure she’s going to stop me from doing things.

Jason prayed internally that his best friends would speed up and get their plan executed before Hannah started being frank about that matter and held him back.

“Oh? Who was it?” Hannah feigned surprise as she asked Jason.

“Who? Didn’t she already tell you everything?” Jason glared at Helen and asked displeasedly.

“Ah, you mean Yvette? Are you sure about this?”

Hannah coughed dryly in embarrassment. She then proceeded with asking the question in a solemn manner. There must be no mistake made in this matter. If we do anything wrong, it will cause huge trouble.

“I’m sure it’s her,” Jason sounded very certain. At the same time, he cast his eyes at Fabian.

Seeing that Hannah also turned to look at him with a questioning gaze, Fabian nodded and said, “It’s her indeed.”

So Fabian has also found out about this, but he kept it from me. He must be planning to deal with Yvette secretly on his own.

Hannah paused for a brief moment and looked at the two men as she continued, “I think we should hand it over to the police directly and let them handle it.”

Seeing as such, Jason was the first to stand up and object to it. “No way. I disagree. If we let the police deal with it, the punishment would be lenient. Besides, the person involved is dead. With Yvette’s net worth, she would definitely be able to conceal the matter with money.”

“I disagree, too. Jason is right. That would be too light a punishment for Yvette.” At that moment, Helen also voiced out against it and stated her stance.

Listening to that, Jason took a gander at her. I can’t believe this little girl is having the same stance as me.

However, Hannah was a little disgruntled, and the way she looked at Helen was with a trace of reproach. Didn’t I just tell you to help me persuade Jason? You’re really something. Not only did you not help, but you’re even messing around together with him.

“Well, same here.” Even Fabian agreed with Jason and Helen in that instance.

Seeing that even Fabian supported them, Jason and Helen couldn’t help getting excited. With Fabian’s support, we’re halfway there.

“Hannah, since she has done that and tried to kill you, why are you still speaking up for her?” Helen took the initiative to persuade her sister.

“That’s right, Hannah. I know that you’re kind, but acting this way isn’t really kind to yourself. You’re basically telling others that we’re some punching bag. There’ll only be more people putting the screws on you in the future. If we allow this sort of thing to happen a few more times, we’ll be doomed someday,” Jason took the chance to express his opinion.

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