Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1270

“Sure. If there’s nothing else, I shall leave first to get the things done.”

As Yvette thought about it, she was a little frightened. That was because without proper preparations, with Fabian’s power, she might have to suffer, or worse…

“Okay, get going.”

After Yvette left the private room, Lyna couldn’t help but start to laugh. “What a foolish woman. She’s actually pleased when in fact, she has been taken advantage of by me. That’s not the Yvette I heard about. She must have been awfully terrified by Fabian.”

Lyna was fully prepared. She had been very meticulous all along and up till then, Fabian had no clue that she was related to all those matters. Now that there was an additional line of defense for her, she could set off to do other things with peace of mind.

“Fabian, you’re indeed a formidable opponent. There really aren’t many people who dare to challenge you in Chanaea. But since you’ve treated me in such a way, it doesn’t matter even if I have to risk my life to contend you.” Lyna grimaced all of a sudden.

She hated Fabian to the core. If it wasn’t for him, there wouldn’t be anyone fighting over the inheritance with her then, and she, too, wouldn’t have to listen to her father mentioning ‘Hannah’ every now and then.

“Hannah, let’s see if you would be able to escape again without Fabian to protect you this time.”

With that, Lyna threw the bracelet she was fiddling with forcefully to the ground. She then stood up and paced outside.

After their meal, for the very first time, Fabian decided to take Hannah and the others to the nightclub. His reason was to introduce Hannah to his social circle.

Upon hearing that, Hannah was a little embarrassed, but at the same time, she was also excited. She felt very conflicted within herself as she wanted to know more about Fabian and integrate into his life, but she was also a little bashful.

On the contrary, Helen was audacious and lively. As soon as she heard that Fabian was going to bring them to the nightclub, she was thrilled. Whoa, I’ve never been to such a place before.

“Fabian, since we’re going to the nightclub, let’s go to Bluebird. I heard there’s an auction there tonight. I was prepared to join in the fun as well,” Jason suggested.

“Sure, why not?” Fabian nodded.

Listening to what Jason said, Fabian was reminded that ever since he got married to Hannah, he had yet to gift her anything. Hence, he might as well take the opportunity at the auction to bid for something meaningful to present to her.

Then, Fabian made a call to his best friend and asked him to contact some people from his circle.

Fabian asked Jason to depart with Helen first while he and Hannah went home to change.

Earlier that day, Helen had brought her own clothes for Hannah. She was clad in a casual t-shirt, ripped jeans, and a pair of black canvas sneakers. How could Fabian let her dress in such a way to see his friends?

“Err… Well, are all your friends some business moguls?” Hannah asked hesitantly.

She didn’t lack self-confidence, but instead, it was because Fabian had a very special place in her heart, and she was afraid of making him embarrassed.

“Not every one of them,” Fabian replied in a placid tone.

Phew! It’s better still that there are one or two ordinary people among them. Otherwise, I would really have nothing to talk to them about.

“Some are from the hospital or government sectors,” added Fabian.

Hannah coughed abruptly upon hearing that.

Hannah was abashed for a moment. She thought that there might be some of them who were just ordinary white-collar workers like herself. Hence, she couldn’t help feeling awkward as she heard Fabian’s reply. What freaking common topic can I have with these people?

“Why don’t you wear this?” Fabian didn’t think much and pointed at a satin gown as he turned to Hannah and said.

“Okay.” Hannah nodded in amazement.

Fabian is actually helping me to pick an outfit? Has the Earth shifted on its axis?

With that, she looked out of the window, trying to figure out if it was really the case.

“Hey, over here!”

As soon as Jason reached the entrance of Bluebird nightclub, he shouted at a few youngsters.

“Oh, Jason has arrived. Let’s go over.”

With that, the few youngsters walked over to Jason.

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