Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1273

With that, Yvette placed the key card onto the desk and continued, “It’s nothing. You can go ahead first, don’t worry about us.”

Jaxon knew exactly what Yvette meant, and excitement sprung within him.

In the Bluebird nightclub’s private room, Hannah mingled with Fabian’s friends and exchanged conversations here and there. She realized that not only are they outstanding individuals, but they are also tender-hearted souls that seem easy to get along with.

Then, Luther received a message about the event’s start time. He read it and announced to the others, “Alright guys, we’ll come back here in a bit. For now, let’s head over to the auction since it’s starting soon.”

Everyone stood up as told, then promptly shuffled towards their reserved table.

The auction hall was neatly divided into several sections, and the table that Fabian had reserved for them was placed smack in the center. Their table wasn’t too far in front where it would seem conspicuous, nor was it too discreetly blended into the back.

Hannah sat beside her sister, Helen, who bubbled with anticipation as she looked at the empty stage. “I wonder what splendid items we’ll see later.”

Deep down, Hannah was equally as excited since this was her first time participating in an auction.

Then a woman in a revealing sequin dress walked onto the stage. She picked up the microphone, glanced at everyone in the audience, then parted her ruby-red lips. “Thank you all for being here today. I’m Blue Enchantress, your auctioneer. Today’s event is Bluebird’s bi-monthly auction, and things are more exceptional this time around as we’ve got some impressive goodies for you.”

“Goodies? Really?”

“Quit babbling and get to it!”

“Damn, did you see that smoking hot auctioneer?

Enthusiastic murmurs erupted from the audience.

“I’m sure you’re all eager to lay your eyes on those items, so without further ado, it’s my pleasure to announce that the Bluebird’s auction event has officially begun!” The enchanting auctioneer declared.

Cheers burst from the audience like powerful waves crashing onto the stage. Many people clutched firmly onto signs that displayed their table numbers, ready to make their bids.

“Let me know if you see anything you like. I’ll get it for you,” Jason said to Helen.

Helen’s eyes rounded in surprise. When did he start been so kind to me? It must be a miracle.

Jason noticed her odd stares and quickly clarified, “Don’t take it the wrong way. I’m only helping you because I know you’re tight on cash.”

“Shut up, can’t you see that it’s starting?” Helen reprimanded.

Jason’s lips curled over his teeth. “What the hell? This is what I get for being kind.”

Seething with anger, he turned his attention back onto the stage.

A renowned historical painting was currently being auctioned. Its appreciation value was so high that many people had raised their signs, engaging in a vicious bidding round.

Some sought after these high-value items for their personal collection, whereas others obtained such items with the purpose of gifting them away. There were still people who bid for lower-valued objects, but those people were far and few in between. This was because the majority of the audience was comprised of the wealthy and privileged, who never saw money as a concern.

However, those at Fabian’s table weren’t interested in collecting such things, so none of them raised their signs.

In the end, the painting had racked up a whopping six million and was bought by an elderly collector. The Young sisters couldn’t help but gawk at this. Helen suppressed an appalled squeal, thinking that it was far too much to spend that on a decorative painting. Who would feel safe hanging a painting worth six million on their walls and risk it being torn or stained?

The next items still weren’t remarkable enough to capture Fabian’s interest. While Fabian never made a bid, Luther snagged an artisan teapot for three million and proudly boasted, “There are days I’m either too busy or too idle in the office. So this will be convenient when I need a cup of tea or two.”

Helen choked on her saliva after hearing his words, alarmed that the amount he spent on a teapot. “Aren’t you afraid of accidentally dropping it?”

Helen had always been a generous and cheerful person. Hence, she could get along really well with the brazen Luther as well as with Jason. They naturally complemented each other like instruments in a choir when they chatted away earlier in the private room.

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