Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1276

“What? What’s a blind bidding?”

“Special significance? What the hell does that mean?”

“Blind auction? Does that mean the item is illegal?”

Tumultuous questions broke out from the displeased audience.

The auctioneer nervously clarified, “This means that the item will not be revealed throughout the bidding process up until it arrives in the hands of the highest bidder. The starting price will be determined by you, bidders. Whether you gain or lose from this item will entirely be in your hands.”

This was the best excuse that she came up with at backstage earlier. She didn’t know how else to explain to the audience, except by marketing the item as a gamble of fate.

“The hell is this? Who carries out such auction procedures?”

“I think the Bluebird’s staff came up with this scheme to trick us into bidding high prices.”

“Yeah, I think so too. Only an idiot would fall for their scheme.”

The auctioneer avoided looking directly at anyone from the turbulent audience. She just wanted to get this over and done with immediately, even if it meant causing the item to be passed. “Okay, let’s not waste each other’s precious time. This item is officially open for bidding. The bidding price starts at five million, so if anyone is interested, please raise your sign. Every increasing bid hereafter must be at a minimum of two hundred thousand.”

“Pfft, pass the item already! Clearly, this is a scam by the nightclub. No one’s dumb enough to fall for it!” someone from the front tables shouted at the auctioneer.

Pity swelled in the auctioneer’s chest after seeing that no one made a move. What a waste! At this rate, I don’t even know how much my commission will amount to. Honestly! What the hell is the boss thinking?

Just as the auctioneer’s shoulders slumped in disappointment, Fabian made his move.

At Fabian’s signal, Jason raised his sign and offered, “Six million.”

Oh my god. I’m saved! Even though it’s nowhere near market value, at least someone’s still willing to participate in this blind bidding. The auctioneer let out a huge breath and smiled with relief at Fabian.

“Okay, six million from the sir in the middle. Does anyone wish to go higher?”

The auctioneer cast a grateful look at Jason, who held up his sign. Because if it weren’t for him, she wouldn’t have earned even a dime’s worth of commission from this item.

Everyone’s gazes followed after the auctioneer’s, wanting to know which idiot had fallen into the nightclub’s trap. When they realized that it was Fabian, everyone’s lips pursed as they silently eyed him.

No one was bold enough to criticize Fabian for doing what he did. After all, Fabian was favored by lady Fortune herself; he was so wealthy and powerful that they couldn’t risk crossing him.

Yet, there were also people in the room who didn’t know that Fabian was the president of Phoenix Group. One of them scorned, “Why’d he bid? That guy doesn’t look dumb enough to do fall for a scam— did no one from his table stop him?”

The people around shifted their seats away from this person. They couldn’t care less if their actions seemed humiliating because it was better than being associated with that imprudent person.

“Are there no more bids?” the auctioneer asked again.

However, the room’s pin-drop silence made it clear that her question was painfully unnecessary. She then raised her gavel to resume with the bidding.

“Six million going once.”


“Six million going twice.”


Right as she raised her gravel to make the final call, a woman spoke confidently.

“Seven million.”

The auctioneer couldn’t help but beam with joy at the sound of this. Unbelievable! People are still bidding under the crazy circumstance—that’s great! This is going greatly!

Everyone’s heads flung towards the source of the woman’s voice, wanting to know what was happening.

Fabian did as well; he turned his head slightly and looked across the room.

The voice came from an inconspicuously placed table in the auction hall.

Two people sat at that table; the first was a woman drenched in smoky makeup and a skimpy dress. She was the one who had made the bid. Next to her was an enigmatic woman in a mask whose eyes looked directly at Fabian.

The masked woman was, in fact, Lyna. She had found some random woman to raise her sign and shout out the bid on her behalf. All of this was to ensure that her identity would remain securely hidden.

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