Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1277

“Why the mask? Is she pretending to be some big shot?” Jason clenched his jaw in dissatisfaction towards her higher bid.

Fabian felt curious too, but nothing about the woman seemed familiar, so he signaled for Jason to increase their bid.

“Eight million.”

This didn’t surprise Lyna, whose goal was to lure him into recklessly spending his money.

Lyna raised a finger and nodded at the skimpily dressed woman.

A gleam flashed in the skimpy woman’s eyes as she immediately shouted, “Ten million.”

“Okay, we now have ten million from the lady in the back. Does anyone wish to go higher?” the auctioneer uttered in disbelief as zealous thoughts shot inside her mind. Yes! The pace is finally picking up. Please don’t stop bidding now!

“Fifteen million.”

At this point, Jason blew up with rage at the masked woman whose eyes were still pinned onto Fabian. She’s not even looking at the screen! It’s obvious that she’s not bidding for the item; she’s here to wreck our plans.

Fabian figured that too, but he was more focused on finding out who that masked woman was. Why is she going against me? Fabian mused.

On the other hand, the Young sisters were oblivious to this. They were more concerned with the risk of bidding more than fifteen million on an unknown item. They advised, “Let’s give up. We’ll stop pursuing the item if that person raises their bid, alright?”

A wicked smile crept onto Lyna’s face. Things were going accordingly; she wanted Fabian to keep increasing his bid and spend way more than necessary over some petty little item.

The skimpy woman’s bright red lips parted in shock. Those guys upped their bid to fifteen million, so are we still increasing our bid or not?

She turned her head and gasped, seeing that Lyna raised two fingers at her.

Pride swelled in her chest as this was the most honorable moment she felt among all of the jobs she had engaged in. With all eyes on her, adrenaline kicked in as she proudly raised her chin and proclaimed, “Twenty-five million!”

At this, the auctioneer felt an exciting thrill crawl down her back. These two are really gunning for it. Moreover, I was informed backstage that the item’s market price is twenty-five million, and the current bidding price has soared to exactly that. This means we won’t sustain any losses for this item anymore!

“Okay, I’ve got twenty-five million from the same woman at the back. Are there any more bids?” the auctioneer eagerly raised her gavel and shouted in Fabian’s direction.

Jason gritted his teeth. He grabbed the sign and was ready to raise his offer. Screw it. I don’t believe you have that much money on you.

Before Jason could lift the sign, an arm reached out to suppress his. His gaze trailed up the arm and saw whom it belonged to—Fabian!

Sensing that Fabian was going to give up the bet, Jason urged, “Fabian, what’s going on? Aren’t you going to beat her offer?”

“That’s all that matters to you, huh? You and your mulishness. What if we end up with massive losses?” Helen snapped with a fire.

Jason glared daggers at Hannah. Disregarding her presence, he turned to look at Fabian and waited for his response.

“Play hesitant. Hold back until the second auction chant before increasing our offer,” Fabian instructed whilst casually tapping his fingers against the tabletop.

Jason instantly understood. He knew Fabian like the back of his hands since they had known each other for quite some years. He could tell Fabian’s counter. She’s deliberately raising her offer to target us; To retort, we’re going to pretend like we’ve given up on the item, then shock her by making the last winning bid.

However, Jason still felt unresolved anger towards the masked woman. How humiliating! People will assume that we can’t afford the item, even though we clearly can. Just any one of our credit cards will have at least ten million credit, so is acting really necessary?

Nevertheless, Jason kept his mouth tightly shut and obeyed Fabian’s plan.


“Twenty-five million going once. Any higher bids?”

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