Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1279

“I really wonder what the market price for the item is that you’re bidding,” heaving a sigh, Hannah said with her head lowered.

It was indeed the point which she was really concerned with at the moment. Be it a price that was a lot lower or one which was a lot higher than the market price, Fabian would still sustain a great loss.

A sense of guilt crept into her heart as she thought about the bet with Fabian earlier. It’s really my fault! If I didn’t make a bet with Fabian, he would not have bid for the mystery item and spent so much!

Nevertheless, Fabian was not the least bit worried about sustaining a great loss as he was confident of his own judgment. I’m sure the mystery item must be a necklace of high quality. If not, the auctioneer would not have introduced it in that way.

Other people figured that the auctioneer had exaggerated about the mystery item in order to pique their interests to bid for it. Little did they know that Fabian was the one manipulating the unusual bidding of the mystery item.

It was actually a win-win situation for him and the auctioneer. Apart from having Hannah touched by bidding her a unique item, his heart leaped with joy at the thought of Hannah fulfilling his wish upon winning the bet with her.

“How’s everything? Did you manage to get it done with Mr. Dane?” Yvette asked the woman desperately.

The woman had called Yvette earlier right after Jaxon left. Yvette had also rushed to the place without hesitation.

“Yvette, the mission is accomplished. He was apparently having a great time in bed just now!” the woman giggled and replied confidently.

Yvette nodded in satisfaction and hinted, “Do you know that he’s no ordinary man? He’s the chief of the National Supervisory Commission and liaises directly with the higher-ups. If you are able to butter him up, I’m sure you would have an outstanding career advancement in the future.”

The woman’s face lit up upon hearing Yvette’s words. She replied jubilantly, “Yvette, really thanks for giving me this golden opportunity. You can rely on me as I won’t let you down. I’ll surely repay your kindness in the future!”

Yvette’s lips curved into a smile as she said, “Alright, I’m glad that you said so. I just hope that you won’t forget about me when you are at the peak of success later.”

“It’s impossible! I would never forget how you have helped me this round!” the woman emphasized sincerely.

“Alright, you may go out first if there’s nothing else. I need to make a call.” Yvette said casually and gestured to her.

“Alright, Yvette. Just feel free to contact me if there’s anything. I’ll make a move first.” the woman nodded at her and left.

After ensuring that she had left, Yvette strode toward the TV cabinet. She crouched to take out a laptop, flipped the lid, and turned it on instantly.

Next, she clicked a specific folder to play a video clip.

“Hmm…” The moment the video clip was played, there was the sound of a woman panting and moaning seductively.

Smiling meaningfully, Yvette plugged in a USB drive to make a duplicate of the video clip. Lyna, the first step of our plan is done and turns out to be a success!

Jaxon Dane, looks like you have no choice but to comply with all our requests. If not, you’ll have your image tarnished within seconds!

Holding the USB drive tightly, Yvette smiled slyly with a glint of ferocity in her eyes.

In the meantime, the auction was about to come to an end. Hannah did not choose to bid for anything as she was not in the mood. Furthermore, she did not intend to let Fabian spend any more for her. Meanwhile, Jason had bid Helen a Patek Philippe watch.

When the auction was over, Helen grabbed Jason’s arm and grumbled at him, “I didn’t ask you to bid me anything, did I? I’ll give this watch back to you.”

“Pfft! Don’t give it back to me. You’re the owner now. After all, you still have the vibe that can match such a luxury watch!” Jason said coolly.

Helen was speechless and at a loss for words.

If the sentence was blurted out of another person’s mouth, Helen would surely give that person a slap on the face, thinking that she was being mocked at. Nevertheless, she knew that Jason was being sincere by saying so.

After getting along with Jason for quite some time, she knew well about his temperament. Even though he was blunt at times and bickered a lot with her, he was actually a generous and kind-heartened person. During the auction a while ago, his instinctive act of bidding the Patek Philippe watch truly reflected his generosity and kindness.

When Fabian went backstage to retrieve the bid items, all of his buddies were back to their private room again, except Luther. Aside from collecting his artisan teapot, he was keen on knowing if Fabian had made a right guess for the mystery item.

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