Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1283

Everyone agreed instantly. Even Helen also lifted her wine glass toward Hannah.

Hannah pursed her lips in embarrassment. She drank quite a lot earlier on and was worried that she would be drunk if she continued on. Snippets of her funny moments when she was drunk previously flashed across her mind. My goodness! It was so embarrassing! If I get drunk again…

“Hannah, come on! Everyone is waiting for you!” Helen sensed her sister’s hesitation and urged her.

“Ah! A-alright!” Hannah had no choice, but to lift up her wine glass so as not to disappoint the others.

Fabian knitted his brows when he caught a glimpse of the bitterness on Hannah’s face. Nevertheless, he still lifted his wine glass and clanked glass with them before finishing his wine in one gulp.

“Enough, Hannah gets drunk easily. She can’t drink anymore!” he said firmly after finishing his wine.

Upon hearing his words, Hannah gave him a glance of gratitude.

“Oh! So sweet! Fabian, you have really changed a lot after getting married. I never expect that you’ll be so caring to anyone. I’ve never seen you show any concern to me, buddy,” pouting, Luther grumbled jokingly at Fabian.

In an instant, Fabian shot him a warning glance. Intimidated by the profound coldness in his eyes, Luther shuddered and switched topics instantaneously to appease him. “Alright. Don’t drink anymore. Ah! Let’s sing.”

On the other hand, Jaxon had just reached the private room.

“Mr. Dane, please come in,” Yvette put on an attractive smile and welcomed Jaxon.

With a puzzled look, Jaxon asked Yvette curiously, “Ms. Tanner, do you have anything to discuss with me?’

Jaxon had no clue at all. Yvette had just sent him a seductive woman a while ago, requesting him to help guide her in her career advancement. Now she asked me to come over again? Maybe she wants to sell herself this round? If that was the case, he would not mind at all. In fact, Yvette was even more gorgeous than the woman who had a passionate session with him earlier.

“Mr. Dane, just take a seat first.” Leaning against the sofa with her legs crossed, Lyna said casually.

She was not intimidated by Jaxon at all now. Since his unsightly video clip was in her hands at the moment, it also meant that his future would lie in her hands as well. She was sure that he would not dare to reject her request later.

“Pfft! Ms. Tanner, who is this? What an arrogant woman!” Jaxon raised his voice mockingly at Yvette. He was apparently feeling displeased with Lyna’s attitude.

After getting used to how the others flattered him all this while, he was easily infuriated by Lyna.

“Jaxon Dane, how dare you talk to me like this. Let me tell you, from now onwards, you have to follow my instructions. If not, I won’t let you off!”

Grabbing hold of Jaxon’s weak spot, Lyna was not intimidated by him at all.

In a split second, Jaxon was trembling with extreme anger. Pointing at Lyna, he gritted, “Fine, you’re the first person who dares to be so rude to me! Let me see how you can talk me into following your so-called instructions!”

He glared at Yvette as if he was rebuking her for not speaking up for him. As a wave of fury surged within him, he decided to send both Yvette and Lyna to prison by charging both of them with a wrong deed.

“Haha! I really doubt if you can continue to be so haughty later!”

After scoffing at Jaxon, Lyna turned to instruct Yvette, “Take out the goodies now for Mr. Dane. Let’s see how long he will be imprisoned if he is charged with that!”

Yvette immediately whipped out her phone from her pocket, clicked to play the video clip, and pushed it toward Jaxon.

In a blink of an eye, Jaxon’s heart skipped a beat. Knowing that he had committed the wrong deed numerous times, he was overcome by an indecipherable uneasiness as he took the phone from Yvette.

His face fell the moment his eyes caught the unsightly scene in the video clip. Lyna smiled wryly as she looked at the change in Jaxon’s expression.

“How’s it, Mr. Dane? Do you like this special gift from me? Do you still feel that I’m being rude?”

Looking at Jaxon triumphantly, Lyna sneered at him, “With the video clip in my hand, as long as you’re not demoted, I want you to be my slave forever!”

“Don’t beat around the bush. What do you want me to do?”

Jaxon straight away asked both of the women. He presumed that both of them had been scheming on setting him up long ago. They were undoubtedly making use of this video clip to threaten me into colluding with them.

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