Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1285

Upon hearing his doubtful voice, the person on the other end quickly explained, “You told me to compile the testimonies about the accident during your wedding, and-”

Having heard that, Fabian suddenly recalled that he had told someone to compile the testimonies. He wanted to teach Lyna a lesson.

“Alright. I got it. Just send everything to the court. I’m sure you know how to do it.”

He rubbed his temples and hung up once he was done talking.

Huh? That silly girl is already up. He finally realized when he couldn’t feel anyone beside him.

Fabian got out of bed lazily. After leaving the room, he instantly saw Hannah making breakfast in the kitchen and he quickly walked over to her.

She was frying an egg at the moment when she suddenly felt an arm around her waist. Her body trembled instinctively and she quickly turned her head when her lips crashed into Fabian’s.

She was about to say something but he pressed his lips against hers.

Fabian finally stopped after a long, passionate kiss.

“Hey! That’s disgusting. You haven’t brushed your teeth!” Hannah said as she backed away from him while shaking her head.

“What? You’re disgusted with me already? Right after the wedding? Do you know how many people wish to be kissed by me in the morning? You gotta remember that it’s an honor that I’m kissing you. Don’t say it like I’m taking advantage of you,” he said shamelessly as he pinched her bosom.


The woman was pissed. Why is Fabian so much more thick skin after the wedding? And what did he mean by ‘taking advantage of me’? That’s the truth!

“What? Don’t you agree?” Fabian said as he leaned closer and loomed over her.

“Tsk. You’re the one who didn’t brush your teeth. How is it my fault now?”

Naturally, Hannah was dissatisfied. All she said was the truth. He’s the one who didn’t brush his teeth yet he’s not allowing me to point out the truth?

“Come bite me if you’re pissed!”

He took another step towards her and he could clearly feel her soft body on him.

“I- You’re playing dirty!”

She was so angry her breathing turned heavy but she had no idea what to do with Fabian.

The man shrugged and he seemed to have remembered something as he said seriously, “Oh, that’s right. There’s something I need to talk to you about.”

“What is it?” she huffed.

He deliberately left her in suspense and said as he made his way to the living room, “Hmm, I don’t really know how to start.”

“Are you kidding me? What do you mean you don’t know how to start? Who are you afraid of when you’re such a hooligan yourself?”

Hannah rolled her eyes at him and she couldn’t help but twirl around on the spot as she followed his movement.

“Yes. I agree with you.”

Fabian stopped walking upon hearing her words. He turned back to her and nodded thoughtfully before continuing, “Actually, what I wanted to say is that your egg… is burnt!”


A confused look appeared on Hannah’s face. What does he mean by my egg is burnt? Why is he talking gibberish so early in the morning?

“Ah! I’ll kill you!” she shouted when she finally realized that she was still frying the eggs.

There weren’t any eggs left in the pan anymore by the time she turned to look. All that was left were two round ‘coals’.

Upon hearing her shout, Fabian’s lips tilted upwards and he went straight for the bathroom.

I can’t believe that she’s still as silly as ever. It seems like I’ll be able to eat freshly fried eggs once I’m done washing up.

Sure enough, he saw Hannah holding a plate in her left hand and a cup of milk in her right the moment he came out of the bathroom.

“Thanks, Honey. Thank you for your hard work,” he said courteously.

“Make your own breakfast if you want to eat. I didn’t make any for you.”

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