Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1291

He had asked who Lyna’s mole was because he wanted to stop leaks. Furthermore, this also served as a reminder that after the whole thing is over, he had to borrow some money and return it to the company before doing anything else.

The others in the room all nodded in agreement at Wayne’s words. Then, they turned to Lyna.

A sly smile flashed across her face, but she hid it very quickly. “No problem. I can promise you that no matter things are successful or not, as long as all of you listen to what I say, we’ll have nothing to do with each other in the future. How about that?”

“Okay,” replied Wayne as he nodded in agreement. Subsequently, he left the meeting alongside a few other people.

“Huh! He’s the general manager even though his IQ is so low. Looks like Fabian’s company isn’t that great after all,” said Lyna, as she smiled and shook her head.

Then, she retrieved her phone and called another group of people. If she continued on this way, she would be able to cause a big impact on Fabian and eventually cause his demise.

“The court verdict has been announced.”

At the same time, Fabian was leaning on the sofa lazily as he watched the television. He had just received a call from his assistant, who said that Yvette’s sentence had been announced.

Hannah was eating some grapes, which were so sour that she squinted her eyes, looking rather comical. When she heard what Fabian said, she got excited. “Huh? The result’s out? So fast? How is it? How long’s the sentence?”

Fabian had also found it rather strange. Although he had not intervened in the matter, Yvette was a popular celebrity after all. Therefore, it was impossible that there was no appeal, and they sentenced her after only one court session.

He frowned and stuck out two of his fingers. “Sentenced to two years of imprisonment.”

“Ah? Two years?”

Hannah was speechless. I’d almost died. How could they only sentence her to two years? No matter what, it’s considered premeditated murder. Sigh, it looks like money’s what matters. If it were Fabian who pursued the matter, maybe she’d have been sentenced to life imprisonment instead.

“Fine, two years then. Maybe it’s just fate.”

Hannah laughed, then turned to look at Fabian.

She noticed that he looked upset and realized that he probably also thought the matter was not handled well. Thus, she walked over and wrapped her arms around him, then sat before Fabian as she began to behave coquettishly.

“Come on, don’t be upset. We’re both fine anyway, right? If it’s only two years, then so be it. She got punished anyway, so let’s not make things difficult for her anymore,” said Hannah lightly.

In reality, Fabian had already expected things to turn out this way. However, he was just curious as to why she was sentenced so quickly. Looking at the pouting Hannah, he was dumbfounded. I haven’t even said anything yet, so why’s she acting this way? She’s making it seem like I’m a terrible person that wants to put Yvette to death. She had never acted so coquettishly before. Since it is a rare sight, I’d better take advantage of it while I can.

Fabian’s expression darkened as he thought about it. He looked at Hannah and asked, “Do you really not want me to interfere in this matter?”

As soon as she heard his words, she quickly nodded as she felt that there was some hope.

“Beg me,” continued Fabian. He had purposely lowered his voice and said it in a very reluctant tone.

She took off her shoes and jumped onto the sofa, then crawled beside his legs and tugged on his sleeve with her small hands. “Please, I’m begging you. Let’s not do that, okay? Let’s leave this matter as it is,” she said in a pitiful tone.

Looking at Hannah behave in that manner, Fabian was delighted. Her behavior made her very lovable. She had never spoken to him like that before.

Although he was enjoying it, he kept on a displeased expression. He looked at her and said in a doubtful tone, “Huh? Is this how you beg people? Looks like I really have to go soft on her.”

Hannah suddenly understood what Fabian meant – he was not pleased with her. However, she honestly did not know what tone she should have used while pleading with someone.

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