Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1294

Smiling, Fabian shook his head and wondered the reason Hannah had a hard time getting used to it when they were married for a little more than a year. With that being said, he enjoyed being around a reserved Hannah because he could tease her.

Staring at her departing figure, he started sizing her up.

I guess she has improved, huh? I believe my initiative to make her open up to enjoy the session has finally worked.

The call he received snapped him out of his imagination. As he was glad she had initiated the session, he was in a great mood. He picked up the phone without a second thought and asked with a grin, “Hello? What’s wrong?”

The person on the other end hesitated when he heard Fabian’s joyful tone because he had bad news that might ruin Fabian’s great mood.

Consequently, he stuttered, “Mr. Norton, I have just received the news of…”


Fabian had a bad feeling about it the moment he heard the person stuttering. He wondered if anything had gone wrong.

“Mr. Dane from Baykeep is trying to get Yvette out of the jail; perhaps she will be acquitted of all counts soon.”

“What? Acquitted of all counts?”

Fabian frowned and wondered if Jaxon was unconscious of the grudges he held against Yvette.  What on earth is wrong with him? How dare he try to defy me? Is he not in his right mind?

After he gave it a thought, his eyes narrowed to a slit. He asked, “Is he aware I’m the reason she has been thrown behind bars in the first place?”

The person on the other end answered, “Mr. Norton, I believe he’s aware because it’s not an easy task to get Yvette acquitted of all counts. Most of the officials in town are aware of the causality of the incident because Mr. Dane has gone to great lengths to persuade them.”

They must have gathered every single detail they needed since they were determined to bail her out.

Irked by the bad news, Fabian subconsciously grasped his phone with all his might.

He couldn’t believe there were imbecile fools who would challenge his authority when he was the most influential figure in Baykeep.

Fabian’s eyes glinted angrily as he instructed in a callous tone, “I want you to send someone to negotiate the terms with Jaxon and get him to stay out of Yvette’s matter at once. I have shown Yvette mercy, but if he insists on challenging my limits, I don’t mind taking them out together.”

“Yes, Mr. Norton! I’ll get going at once!” The person took note of Fabian’s instructions because he was serious about it.

Usually, no matter how capable they might be, corporate players would refrain from picking on those with political backgrounds because their potential gains might be adversely affected.

In other words, both parties had always coexisted. As Fabian had waged war against one of the most influential political figures in Baykeep, he must have made up his mind to brace himself through the things that might be awaiting him.

After the call, Fabian crossed his legs and lost himself in a train of thoughts because he couldn’t figure out the reason behind Jaxon’s action.

Yvette doesn’t have the things it takes to get Jaxon to do her biddings! Who could be the powerful figure pulling the strings behind the scenes?

As Yvette was thrown behind bars after she attempted to kill Hannah, Fabian was worried she would try something silly again. He couldn’t afford to expose Hannah to uncertainties anymore. Thus, he would never allow others to get Yvette out of jail.

He reached for his phone and called the person in charge of his personal intel network. “Gather every information of Yvette, especially her connections with those from the upper echelon. Also, get your hands on the people who are in close touch with Jaxon these days. Try to figure out if there’s any mutual connection between them.”

After he delivered his instruction and hung up the call, he couldn’t suppress the murderous intent he had been keeping to himself anymore.

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