Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1299

“I guess that’s the end of our conversation, huh?”

Fabian knew it was merely something Jaxon made up to justify the aid he had been providing Yvette.

“Mr. Norton, there’s nothing I can do about it—”

Jaxon was about to explain himself, but he received a call out of the blue.

Upon a glance, he noticed it was a call from his most trusted aide. He told Fabian, “I’m so sorry, Mr. Norton. I need to answer this.”

After Fabian beckoned him to carry on, Jaxon picked it up and asked, “Hello? What’s wrong?”

“Sir, we’re in a huge trouble!”

“What do you mean?” Jaxon asked with a frown when he heard his subordinate’s words.

The person on the other end gasped out his reply. “The higher-ups have dispatched a task force to arrest Mr. Alder and Mr. Hobbs after receiving a call from a certain powerful figure. After a round of investigation, they were taken into custody.”

“Are you sure?”

Jaxon’s pupil constricted in fear because only the members of a limited few renowned families could get in touch with his higher-ups.


After wrapping up the conversation and hanging up the call, Jaxon looked Fabian in the eyes, wondering if it was one of his attempts to intimidate him.

Despite being clueless about the content of Jaxon’s conversation, Fabian smiled in return as it was evident Jaxon was irked because of something.

After falling silent for a few minutes, Jaxon took the initiative and denoted, “Mr. Norton, I’m impressed by the things you have done to warn me to mind my own business.”

Jaxon was on the verge of breaking down because there wasn’t anything else he was capable of doing to save Yvette. Since Fabian had taken out two high-ranking officials, it would serve as a deterrence against possible aggression from other officials.

He shook his head when he thought about it. If he couldn’t get Yvette out of the jail, the video clip would be exposed to the crowd. If that was the case, he would have to spend the rest of his life in jail as well.

Meanwhile, Fabian was genuinely perplexed because Jaxon caved in when he hadn’t done anything yet. He had merely asked him out in person for a talk.

Although Fabian was startled, he put on a calm front and replied casually, “Is there anything you wish to tell me, Mr. Dane?”

After heaving a long sigh, Jaxon decided to let the cat out of the bag because he thought Fabian might do him a favor and retrieve the video clip on his behalf. Should Fabian refuse to do him the favor, he had no choice but to surrender to fate.

As Jaxon went on, Fabian nodded because he finally saw the bigger picture.

No wonder he has the guts to pick on me! It turns out he’s being blackmailed! In order to keep his position, he has to do her biddings, including defying me.

“Mr. Norton, I wasn’t given a choice either. I hope you can put yourself in my shoes and see where I’m coming from.”

Jaxon expressed his regret with an apologetic look.

“Mr. Dane, I see where you’re coming from, but regarding Yvette…”

Jaxon immediately asserted, “Don’t worry, Mr. Norton! I’ll stop trying anything silly and let her spend some time in the prison to reflect upon her actions.”

Halfway through his speech, he paused because he was too embarrassed to bring up his request.

Sigh… I guess I’ll forget about it. Am I in any position to ask him to do me a favor when I should consider myself lucky after he decided to stop picking on me?

Fabian noticed Jaxon was dejected because his emotions were written all over his face.

He had no intention to pick on the dejected man since he couldn’t get to execute his plan to rescue Yvette just yet.

“Mr. Dane, here’s a gentle reminder to get a grip on yourself. It’s fine to have some fun with a woman every now and then, but you need to restrain yourself. Otherwise, you’re going to bear the consequences of your actions.”

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