Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1301

The delighted Fabian was surprised because Helen and Jason had exceeded his expectation for once.

He showed them the way into his office and said, “I have a few contracts to sign, but once I’m done, let’s head out for a meal.”

The duo was on cloud nine. Jason’s joy was written all over his face. He asked, “See? Fabian, I told you I would never let you down! Have I proven myself worthy yet?”

Helen cast a contemptuous gaze at Jason and remarked sarcastically, “Stop making it sound as though you have devised the plan! I’m pretty sure it’s going to take at least a decade for you to come up with such an effective plan.”

Irked by Helen’s statements, Jason rebutted, “Helen, can you mind your words and manners? Stop getting full of yourself when you have merely come up with the plan a few minutes earlier than me! How dare you take credit for the plan? If it weren’t because of the call I made using the connection of Goldstein Group, do you think they would take you seriously? If someone deserves the full credit, it’s me!”

Unwilling to give in just yet, she rebuked, “Seriously? Have you no shame for trying to take all the credit when the call is your only contribution? Do you think they’ll take you seriously without the information I have gathered?”

As the duo started bickering again, Fabian stated with a genuine smile, “Both of you did a great job, okay? I’m glad both of you have gotten the job done, or else I’ll be having a hard time dealing with them. Once I’m done with my work, let’s head over and pick Hannah up to join us for a meal.”

After he finished his sentence, he instructed his secretary to show the duo the way to the lounge while he returned to his office.

Meanwhile, Yvette, who had no idea of the things that were about to come, started ridiculing Hannah in her mind. See? I told you there wasn’t anything you could do to get rid of me! What if I was the mastermind behind the accident? I’m still standing here! In fact, tomorrow I’ll be free again! There’s nothing you can do to stop me! Hahahaha!

You’re lucky for once, but do you think you’re able to get away twice? Let’s assume you’re able to get away unscathed, how many attempts do you think it’s going to take to end you? You can’t run away from me for your entire life, can you?

Yvette was determined to bring upon Hannah’s demise. The first thing after she regained freedom was to pay Hannah’s company a visit and caused her colleagues to boycott her. It would take more than Hannah’s death to please her because she wanted her to live a miserable life to satisfy her needs for revenge.

On the other hand, after Lyna acquired the news of the two high-ranking officials being taken into custody, she felt anxious and thought Fabian might be the one behind it.

She was startled because he had retaliated sooner than she expected. Perhaps she couldn’t get to save Yvette anymore. Immediately, she called Jaxon. “Hello, Mr. Dane.”

As she had previously kept her identity confidential, Jaxon wasn’t aware Lyna was the one on the other end of the call.

Jaxon asked deadpanned his reply, “Hello? May I know who this is?”

Lyna asked in a sarcastic manner, “Mr. Dane, how can you forget about me? I’m pretty sure you haven’t forgotten the video clip, have you?”

“It’s you…” After he heard her, he knew the reason she had called.

Thus, he asked, “What do you want from me again?”

Lyna asked in a contemptuous manner, “What do I want from you? Mr. Dane, aren’t you aware your most trusted aides have been taken into custody?”

Since Jaxon had reached an agreement with Fabian, he wasn’t afraid at all. He replied nonchalantly, “If you’re talking about Mr. Alder and Mr. Hobbs, it’s not a big deal. I have gotten in touch with the higher-ups. Soon, they’ll regain freedom.”

It wasn’t a lie because the two high-ranking officials’ freedom was part of the plan they had devised.

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