Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1302

“Such wonderful news, Mr. Dane! Nothing less than I expected from a veteran official!”

Lyna chuckled and added, “Allow me to give you a heads-up—Fabian has been alarmed. You need to be careful because I believe he’s the whistleblower. Allow me to be frank, but I won’t hold back against you if you can’t get Yvette out of jail.”

Immediately after she hung up the call, Jaxon summoned his trusted aide and instructed, “Gather every information associated with this phone number and see if there’s anything suspicious.”

He could vividly recall Lyna’s look after meeting her in person, yet he had a hard time locating her. It felt as if she had disappeared into thin air. Little did she know Lyna had disguised herself through extreme methods to get her revenge. Therefore, not even her mother could recognize her, let alone Jaxon.

After Lyna hung up the call, she muttered to herself, “Jaxon, I hope you won’t let me down. Otherwise, I’ll expose you even if it means forsaking Yvette.”

She had a bad feeling about it and thought there was something fishy going on behind the scenes.

Fabian’s capabilities are beyond our imaginations! How did Jaxon manage to save his trusted aides? Has Jaxon turned his back against me and struck a deal with Fabian instead? Is this part of their plan to lure me out?

No matter what, it is better to be on my guard against them.

After she gathered her thoughts, she removed the SIM card and shattered it into pieces before throwing it away.

Once she installed another SIM card and booked a flight ticket to travel abroad on Yvette’s behalf, she called someone from the black market and acquired his help to get another woman who resembled Yvette over.

“Fabian, perhaps I’m not a match for you in the corporate world, but you’re not a match for me when it comes to being street smart! I’m pretty sure you’ll be shocked by the surprise I have in store for you!”

Lyna guffawed out of the blue.

Meanwhile, as soon as Fabian signed the contracts that would require immediate attention and packed his things, he brought himself up and walked downstairs.


“Says you?”

“No! You!”


After Fabian got downstairs, he noticed the duo started bickering again.

He found the duo’s interaction hilarious as they showed no signs of stopping at all. Halfway down the stairs, he paused and started observing them in silence.


Helen saw a man on the stairs through the corner of her eyes. Upon a glance, she noticed Fabian not far away.

Her brother-in-law nodded, but before he could greet her in return, Jason said, “Stop lying! I won’t be deceived by you again!”

Fabian was at a loss for words because Jason, who was an adult, wouldn’t stop behaving like an arrogant brat.

“Please suit yourself while Fabian and I head out for a meal!”

Helen walked in the direction of Fabian after she finished her sentence.

When Helen was a few steps away from Fabian, Jason finally turned around. “Oh! Fabian! I thought she had been lying again!”

Fabian was nonplussed; he knew he wasn’t supposed to take sides.

Helen rolled her eyes and rebuked, “Stop defaming me! Do you think I’m you? I have never lied to others, okay?”


As Fabian knew they would start another round of bickering again, he broke the silence and suggested, “Shall we get going and pick Hannah up?”

If they were to carry on, perhaps they would miss dinner because they had yet to depart.

Shortly, the trio departed and headed over to Hannah’s company.

“Sir, we can’t gather any information because this contact number isn’t even registered. On top of that, the phone has been switched off.”

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