Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1303

Slouching against the chair, Jaxon beckoned his assistant to leave him alone because he hadn’t gotten his hopes high either.

Lyna wouldn’t be much of a threat as long as he had Fabian’s support.

On the other hand, Hannah, who was in her office, was in the middle of a break after a hectic session with the newly established team.

Actually, the things she had taught them were pretty common for a journalist. Nonetheless, since it was an instruction from her senior editor, she had no choice but to show them the proper way to do things.

Serving herself a glass of water, Hannah muttered to herself, “I need to get Mr. Dijon to send someone else to conduct the interview with Xavier. Otherwise, it’s going to be so awkward.”

Suddenly, she picked up her phone because she noticed she had an incoming call.

Fabian? Isn’t he supposed to be in the middle of work? Why is he calling me when he should be dealing with all sorts of things?

Immediately after Hannah picked up the call, she asked jokingly, “Hello? Why are you calling me amidst the hectic schedule of yours? Are you afraid I’m having an affair with another man?”

When he heard her question, he chuckled and asked in return, “How do you know? I can’t allow my awesome wife to run away with another man, can I?”

“You need to stop flattering me and tell me what brings you to call me.”

After Hannah took a peek at her watch, she added, “There are about five minutes left until I’m allowed to leave the office.”

Smiling, Fabian asked in a gentle tone, “I have parked outside your office. Jason and Helen are here with me. Care to join us for dinner?”


She kept silent for a few seconds before answering, “Since I’m in a great mood, I guess I’ll allow you to have the pleasure to dine with me for once! Hold on for a second! I’ll be there in a few minutes!”

After Hannah got up from her seat, she tidied her crumpled shirts before walking down the stairs, humming because she was thrilled.

It feels great to be promoted because I have the authority to leave when I have finished my tasks!

Soon, she reached the entrance and saw the trio that was across the street. When they saw her, Fabian beckoned her over with a smile.

As Hannah sprinted over, she noticed Jason and Helen seemed to be bickering again.

She found them hilarious because they wouldn’t stop picking on one another despite the circumstances. To be precise, she was impressed by their willpower to pick on one another.

“Alright, can both of you give us a break? It feels like I have brought along a freaking portable speaker with me!” Hannah yelled and stopped the duo.

After they exchanged glances, they glared at Hannah, indicating she should stop poking her nose into their businesses.

Hannah felt uncomfortable because of the way they looked at her. She looked at Fabian and suggested, “I believe we should get going. It has been a long day. Let’s hurry up and finish our meal, so we can call it a day as soon as possible.”

Fabian wasn’t aware Hannah was in the middle of a conversation with him because he had his eyes glued to something in the direction ahead of him.


She was irked by his response because they were the ones who had invited her to join them for a meal, yet they didn’t even appreciate her presence.

“It’s time to go.”

After Fabian snapped out of confusion, he grasped Hannah’s hand and marched their way back to the car. Helen and Jason were right behind them.

The moment they boarded the car, Hannah asked, “Is something bothering you?”

He shook his head and answered, “It’s nothing.”

Due to his serious expression, she pouted her lips in irritation and replied in a petulant manner, “Hmph! Forget about it because I have no intention to poke my nose into your business as well.”

Soon, she grasped Helen’s hand and started engaging in a conversation with Jason and her sister.

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