Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1305

Everyone in the car burst into laughter when they heard Helen’s reply.

“What’s next?” Hannah asked.

Fabian answered, “I’ll help Mr. Dane retrieve the video clip before throwing Yvette and the one threatening her behind bars.”

“Mmm…” Hannah nodded because that seemed to be the best option available.

Soon, they reached their destination. Fabian had brought them there because Helen said she wanted to have seafood for dinner.

After Fabian alighted from the car, he surveyed the surroundings with his eyes narrowed to a slit. He instructed Hannah, “Go ahead and place the order without me. I’ll join the rest of you after I return from the washroom.”

Fabian walked in the other direction after he finished his sentence. Hannah was confused by the things he was up to because the washroom was in the restaurant.  What’s wrong with him? Why is he heading toward the opposite direction?

Hannah brought Helen and Jason into the restaurant with him. It had a lavishly decorated interior with different types of aquaculture products nearby the entrance.

Upon a simple glimpse, Helen catapulted in the direction of the livestock and cast her dignity aside.

“Oh, God! Jason, look! It’s such a gigantic lobster! Shall we have this for dinner? I’m pretty sure it’s going to give me foodgasm!”

Helen had never seen such a gigantic lobster throughout her entire life. Thus, she couldn’t hold back her excitement and started drooling as she imagined savoring the lobster.

Jason scowled at her and asked with a contemptuous look, “What’s wrong with you? Is it necessary to get so excited over a shrimp you have never seen? Stop behaving like a country bumpkin!”

“So what if I’m a country bumpkin? At least I’m not a good-for-nothing loafer like you!”

Irked by his response, after shooting daggers at him, she returned to her sister’s side.

Fabian tapped on the shoulder of a man in a set of formal wear and asked with a smirk, “What’s wrong? They’ve gone inside, shall we go in and join them?”

The man responded the moment he sensed Fabian’s presence. He grasped Fabian in return.

When he was about to render Fabian incapable of motion, someone from Fabian’s side clasped his hands around the man’s neck and took him into custody.

Fabian shook his head and asked in a provoking manner, “Are you trying to capture me? This is getting interesting!”

Meanwhile, the rest of the man’s party had their eyes glued to the man under custody, behaving as though they needed his instructions to carry on with their mission.

Fabian knew the man he had taken into custody was none other than the party’s leader.

Although Fabian’s party was greatly outnumbered, he wasn’t afraid at all. The other party might not have the upper hands because the ones by Fabian’s side were headhunted from the special forces.

“I believe all of you are aware of the things that are awaiting you as a fellow martial art practitioner. Why don’t you stop retaliating?” Fabian asked.

The person, who had been taken into custody, stared at him for a few minutes before explaining, “We mean no harm.”

Fabian beckoned his subordinate to release the man and asked, “I’m well aware of that. Otherwise, you would have been long taken out.”

He hadn’t exaggerated his words because it would merely take a few minutes for his bodyguards to take them out.

Shortly, Fabian put on a stern front and asked in a serious tone, “Who sent you? What are you after?”

The leader of the other party frowned and told Fabian, “We’re from the black market. That’s the most we can tell because we need to abide by our rules as well.”

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