Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1312

Upon hearing that, Fabian was rendered speechless. Huh? What’s this? Are we filming a historical drama here? Go through fire and water? Do you think I would be asking you to walk on red-hot iron? Well, unless I have lost my mind!

“Mr. Dane, don’t relax too early. Let’s wait until the matter is settled before we speak of anything else,” Fabian murmured mildly, still pondering whether there were other flaws in his plan.

“I have full confidence in you, Mr. Norton. They definitely can’t escape you!” Jaxon proclaimed, grinning widely.

Conversely, Fabian couldn’t get his spirits up at all. “I hope so,” he replied placidly.

When he went home, Hannah was already asleep. Seeing that, he shook his head with a chuckle. She must have been exhausted from work today.

Early the next morning, Fabian woke up groggily. Before he had even opened his eyes, he reached out to pull the person beside him into his embrace out of habit, only to feel cool bedsheets beneath his hand.


He jolted awake at once. When he saw no one beside him, curiosity gripped him. Where did Hannah go? She usually sleeps a lot, so why did she wake up so early today?

Just as he was ruminating on that, the room door swung open, and Hannah walked in. “I’ve already prepared breakfast, and it’s in the microwave. Remember to heat it up when you’re going to eat later. I’ve got a meeting today, so I have to go to work earlier.”

After saying that, Hannah whirled around, but Fabian called out to her, “Wait a moment!”

“What is it?” Hannah turned back around in slight puzzlement.

By then, Fabian had already jumped out of bed and was striding toward her. At that moment, he was just in his underwear, and his body was devoid of any other scrap of clothing.

As he drew closer and his alluring figure became all the more distinct, Hannah’s breathing became erratic.

He isn’t planning to have a quickie with me, is he? And why is he so eager the moment he wakes up? Was he a monk in his previous life? Dang it!

Hannah automatically drew her assumptions while criticizing Fabian for having too strong a sex drive.

As Fabian stared at Hannah, who appeared a tad shy, his lips inexorably curved into a smirk. Then, he kissed her on the forehead.

“All the best in your work, and remember not to tire yourself out.”

He then walked out after saying that, leaving Hannah standing there alone dazedly, at a loss for words.

A few moments later, Hannah finally snapped back to her senses. Lightly propping a hand against her forehead, she swallowed incredulously even as she muttered, “When did he become so caring? Has hell frozen over today?”

In the next instance, butterflies fluttered in her stomach, creating a beautiful vista that was incredibly breathtaking.

But in the next moment, she shook her head hard and forced herself to snap out of her fantasy. What’s wrong with me today? Why am I thinking about such a thing? Argh! This is so embarrassing! In fact, it’s downright mortifying!

Meanwhile, Fabian went to the office after washing up and having breakfast to deal with all the business matters that had piled up over the past few days. As for the matter regarding Yvette, he had already made the necessary arrangements, so there was no need for him to go over personally.

On the contrary, Yvette, who was in jail, was exceedingly despondent at that time. She hadn’t slept a wink last night, yet she couldn’t figure out why Lyna wanted her to go to A Nation. This isn’t what I want! I want to eliminate Hannah Young and bag Fabian Norton for myself!

While she was still deep in thought, the jail cell was unlocked.

“You’re really lucky to have such good looks. Someone powerful took a fancy to you and got you out with his connections,” a prison guard drawled while smacking his lips at her.

Nevertheless, Yvette wasn’t at all surprised since all those arrangements had been made before she was sent to jail.

Shortly after, she changed her clothes and sauntered out of the jail gates. Unbeknownst to her, several people were watching her with binoculars from afar.

She looked around and was greeted by the sight of a red Porsche parked a near distance ahead on the left side. It must be Lyna who came to pick me up, she reckoned.

Thus, she strode over.

The moment she got into the car, she saw a woman sitting in the car, but it wasn’t Lyna. “Huh? Where is she?”

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