Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1315

“Mr. Dane, both of our targets are in sight. Should we make an arrest?”

“Are you certain? They’re both women, and one is rather tanned, while the other is Yvette Tanner?” Jaxon hastily asked.

It’ll be bad if that person isn’t Yvette Tanner’s sister, and we inadvertently alerted them to our presence.

“Mr. Dane, one of them is fair, while the other is tanned. However, we can’t see their faces. All we can see is their backs. But we are certain that they alighted from a red Porsche. Should we make an arrest?” the officer, who was keeping watch at the airport, inquired once more.

At that question, Jaxon gritted his teeth. Alright, I’ll just bite the bullet! As long as Yvette Tanner is in my hands, she won’t dare do anything to me!

Thus, he commanded resolutely, “Attention to all officers, go ahead and make the arrest now. I repeat, make the arrest now!”


Just as that word fell, more than twenty plainclothes police officers popped out from around the airport and surrounded “Yvette” and her companion.

However, “Yvette” and her companion weren’t at all panicked when they were surrounded. Rather, they had smiles on their faces. With calm and unruffled expressions, they then asked the plainclothes police officers, “May I know what’s happening here, officers?”

All at once, the twenty or so plainclothes police officers were all dumfounded. Who are these two people? That’s not Yvette Tanner!

“Spit it out! Where is Yvette Tanner?” one of the plainclothes police officers barked as he pointed his gun at that person’s head.

“Who’s Yvette Tanner? I don’t know anyone with that name.”

“What did you just say? You don’t know her? Who are you trying to fool? Why are you two here at the airport if not to cover for them?”

“We’re here to pick someone up from the airport.”

At that precise moment, a middle-aged woman walked over and called out to the fake “Yvette”, saying, “Linda, I’m here! It’s been a long time. Did you miss me?”

All the police officers were bamboozled as they didn’t know how to explain the whole event to Jaxon.

And right on cue, just as they were stressing over that, their walkie-talkies suddenly squawked. In the next instance, Jaxon’s voice drifted out. “How did it go? Do you all have them in custody?”

All the police officers stared at each other, yet no one said anything, afraid that Jaxon would vent his anger on them.

“Hello? Can you all hear me? Answer me!”

A sense of dread abruptly crept into Jaxon when he didn’t receive any reply from his subordinates.

“Hello? Say something!” Jaxon shouted for the third time. But still, he was greeted by silence. All at once, panic engulfed him, and his hands shook uncontrollably.

Don’t tell me all twenty or so police officers have been gunned down…?

As that thought occurred to him, fear seized him, and he darted his gaze around. Even the air felt much colder to him out of the blue. Could they really be so brazen?

Trembling, he took out his cell phone to call Fabian for help. But just at that exact moment, a voice drifted out of his walkie-talkie. “We heard you, Mr. Dane.”

As it all happened so suddenly, such terror struck Jaxon when he heard the reply that he fell onto the ground on his butt. It was a while later before he realized that it was his subordinate who spoke. “What? Why didn’t any of you answer me when I spoke earlier? I thought all of you had fallen in the line of duty!” Without waiting for the man to reply, he then demanded, “How did it go? Have you all arrested them?”

After pondering for a moment, one of the police officers bit the bullet and answered, “We have them, but…”

Before he had even finished speaking, exhilaration imbued Jaxon, and he interrupted, “Good, good! It’s great that you guys successfully arrested them! You can all return now. Thank you for your hard work! Come over here and get a little token from me. Everyone who has participated in the mission this time will be rewarded!”

“But the two people we arrested weren’t Yvette Tanner and her conspirator. We made a wrongful arrest,” one of the police officers finally broke and blurted into the walkie-talkie.

“What?” Jaxon’s jaw dropped at once, and he questioned incredulously, “You mean, Yvette Tanner has escaped?”


The moment Jaxon heard that definite answer, a chill encased his heart, and even the walkie-talkie in his hand slid to the ground.

I… I’m doomed!

Bitterness filled him, and words eluded him. It was a flawless plan, yet it had all been in vain! At the end of the day, I still can’t escape the fate destiny has in store for me!

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