Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1322

“I’m not here to resign, Mr. Dijon!” Hannah shouted at him in frustration. My goodness! Since when did Mr. Dijon become like dramatic?

“What? You’re not? Jeez, why didn’t you say so sooner? You have scared the hell out of me!” Bob exclaimed while wiping the sweat off his forehead.

“Well, I would have if you had given me a chance to say anything at all!” Hannah muttered softly under her breath before looking Bob in the eye as she continued, “Mr. Dijon, I came here to ask you if you could have someone else in the team handle Xavier’s interviews.”

Having married Fabian, Hannah didn’t want Xavier and Fabian fighting over her anymore.

“Huh, so that’s what you wanted to tell me?”

Bob began pacing about as he thought about it. Has it been anything else, I would’ve been able to make the decision without any hesitation. However, this could affect the company’s growth and development in the future, so I have to be very careful with the side that I take. Xavier Jackson has personally requested for Hannah to do his interviews, so he probably wouldn’t agree to have someone else do it in her stead, but if I don’t get someone else to do it, I’ll have to worry about Fabian Norton. Argh, it’s too hard for me! Screw it, I’ll leave it to the higher-ups to decide then! That way, I won’t get into trouble no matter what decision they make!

With that in mind, Bob turned towards Hannah as he said, “This isn’t something I can decide on my own, so I’ll bring your request to the higher-ups and inform you on their decision when it’s done. Will that be okay?”

Hannah let out a helpless sigh when she heard that and left his office feeling dejected. Looks like all hope is lost. What difference does it make by having the higher-ups decide on this? They’re faced with the exact same concerns as he is! Both Fabian and Xavier are from the five prominent families, so there’s no way to make that decision without crossing either one of them! At this point, I might as well forget about it and try my best to move on…

Little did she know, her idea was never going to work because Yvette and Lyna were scheming about it.

“Lyna, I’ve been thinking about this last night, and I think I have an idea on how to deal with Hannah…” Yvette said.

An idea on how to deal with Hannah? Lyna got curious when she heard that. “Oh? What is it?”

“I have a cousin brother who holds quite a high position in the company that Hannah works in, so I was thinking of having him drive a wedge between her and Fabian…” Yvette explained.

“Oh, I see what you mean. We can create a bunch of misunderstandings through Xavier, and let Fabian’s possessiveness do the rest of the work. That’ll make it even easier for you to steal his heart!” Lyna took over and completed her idea.

“Yeah, something like that. My cousin is on my side, so we can definitely count on him to get it done,” Yvette added.

Lyna nodded. “In that case, have him arrange for Hannah to interview Xavier a couple more times, and we’ll get someone to take pictures of them together. It’d be even better if we can drug her and have Xavier sleep with her. There’s no way Fabian would still want to be with her then! Hahaha…”

Yvette agreed with Lyna’s idea and laughed along with her. I’ll finally be able to crush Hannah once and for all! Hahaha!


Fabian leaned against his chair as he called up an old friend of his that used to study in A Nation with him back then.

“My, my, what’s this? I didn’t expect you to call me after all these years! Did you receive the gift I prepared for you? It’s a shame I couldn’t make it back myself!”

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