Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1324

“What are you doing, Yvette?” Yvette’s cousin looked nervous, but his wiener was rock hard. Yvette knew he was feeling great, so she chuckled, her alluring voice made her cousin shiver.

“I know you want me, baby, because I know I want you.” Yvette wrapped her cousin’s neck with one arm, and she slid the other one into his suit, caressing him.

“Of course, I want you.” Yvette’s cousin gulped with excitement.

“Is that so?” Yvette unbuttoned his suit slowly and brushed her finger against his skin.

“Of course. I can’t hold it in any longer.” Her cousin finally snapped. He shot up and pinned her down. Yvette’s cousin had liked her for a long time, but she was a famous celebrity. Moreover, she was surrounded by the rich and famous in her circle, so he had no chance to even get close to her, much less sleep with her.

“In a hurry, are we?” Yvette didn’t resist much as her cousin groped her chest. Then she started moaning, looking as if she liked it, much to her cousin’s delight.

Her cousin’s breathing turned heavier, and he started taking their clothes off, getting ready for the main event. But then Yvette’s phone rang at the crucial moment.

Her cousin frowned. Really? Now? What a killjoy.

Yvette threw him an apologetic look before covering herself with a shirt. She nodded at him, then Yvette took the call. “Hello? What? How did this happen? I—”

Yvette looked shocked, obviously because she ran into some trouble. At the same time, her cousin was thinking, I wonder if she’d still do it with me after this. What the hell called her? What a killjoy.

Yvette’s cousin thought she’d grumble or bawl her eyes out after taking the call, but she didn’t. Surprisingly, she sat in silence for a moment, then she started sobbing.

Crying was easy for an actor, and even more so for a talented one like Yvette.

Yvette’s cousin eventually sat beside her and gave her a hug. “What’s wrong, Yvette? Tell me. I might be of some help.” And then he regretted it. Help? As if I can do anything about it. I can’t even f*ck her, much less help her.

“Well, this is just infuriating!” She stared into his eyes lovingly and hugged him back. Then, she cried out loud.

On the other hand, her cousin was having the time of his life. Thanks to what she was doing, he could feel her bare breasts, including her nipples, rubbing against him. “It’s fine, it’s fine. I’m here.” He had thrown logic out of the window. “Tell me what happened. I’ll help you out no matter what.”

On the other hand, Hannah smacked her head with the document in her hand. Oh man! I totally forgot about that. She went to the employees’ office.

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