Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1329

Helen can be a goofball sometimes.

Helen was reminded of what their mother had told them, and she stared down awkwardly.

“Why’s that, Hannah?” Winson asked curiously.

Hannah pointed at the trees. “A single tree is lonely, you see. Trees can live for a long time. You don’t want it to be lonely.”

Winson nodded. “I see. No wonder mom planted two trees.”

Jason, who had been silent all the time said, “Yes, and they’re orange trees to boot. They’re evergreen, so I’m sure your mother must have wanted her family to live well.”

Helen shook her head dismissively. She obviously didn’t buy it. “Are you sure about that, Mr. Know-it-all?”

“Please don’t drag me down to your level. I told you there’s nothing I don’t know about.” Jason was upset about Helen’s doubt.

“Jason’s right. Evergreen trees do have this meaning to them,” Fabian backed Jason up.

Helen nodded awkwardly. “I-I see. Y-You just got lucky, I guess.”

Hannah shook her head and went inside. She had looked around outside, but there was nothing odd about it.

“Lucky? I’m well-read, unlike you. Hey, wait for me!” Jason bragged, but nobody entertained him. Even Winson went with Hannah, so he quickly followed them.

Hannah unlocked the door and tossed the lock to Helen, who observed it closely. It was a lock that could only be unlocked by a long key. The rust on it told of its long years, much to Helen’s interest.

Fabian pushed the door. It swung open and dust assailed them. Hannah started coughing, while Fabian blocked her with his arm, only putting it down after the dust had settled.

Hannah was surprised. He’s so caring. I would have married him so much earlier if I had known that he’d change so much after the wedding. A smile curled her lips, then she went inside.

She noticed a plaque in the center with a pattern carved onto it, while a round table and two chairs were sitting under the plaque.

Hannah thought the table looked stable as a rock. It looked very steady and elegant. This setup is obviously for guest meeting.

“Darius has made all the arrangements. I think Hannah’s going to go ham on Xavier.” Yvette and Lyna were chatting in a new villa.

“Good. I’ll get some reporters to cover this. Everyone’s going to love this scandal. ‘Mrs. Norton Cheats On Her Husband With The President From Another Company’ Nice headline.” Lyna chuckled, praising herself for her intelligence, and laughing at Hannah for falling into her trap.

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