Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1331

Lyna shook her head. “I can’t do that. I came up with a plan for you, so it’s up to you now. I can’t do everything for you. You know I don’t have a lot of money now.”

Yvette frowned in displeasure. She thought Lyna was trying to fool her, but then she thought Lyna had a point. There’s no point in this collaboration if I can’t do anything to contribute.

Busting her out of that situation and keeping her safe in Baykeep was enough for Yvette to tell that Lyna was more than met the eye. Most people like her had a common flaw—overconfidence. Or to be precise—arrogance. Maybe this is her test for me. To see if I can become her comrade.

She took a card out and handed it to Lyna. “Thanks for your help, Lyna. Here, take this card. It’s my token of gratitude. The money here’s going to be our funds. I’ll settle this matter myself.”

Lyna was happy about Yvette’s answer. She wanted to see how much Yvette could contribute to their plan. If she couldn’t contribute financially or did nothing for her, Lyna wouldn’t do anything for her. Yvette would just be a scapegoat when the time came.

Lyna smiled. “Thank you then, Yvette. I’ll use the funds for the cause, so don’t worry.”

“Of course. I trust you, Lyna.” Yvette smiled.

On the other hand, Hannah and her group had gone through the whole house without touching anything. Everything was still coated in dust. Hannah could have gotten someone to clean it up, but she didn’t want to. She wanted to do it herself. She wanted to be the first to hold everything her mother left for her.

Hannah was feeling a little excited, for her mother left a ton of things for her. She could imagine living the golden years of her life with her family in the house. A peaceful farmer’s life, huh? That’s quaint.

“It’s getting late. Let’s go back.” Hannah gave the house one last look.

Fabian looked at the time. It is getting late and it’s time to go home. He nodded in agreement.

Hannah locked all the doors and smiled bitterly. My mother would be living in this house if she’s still alive. Well, It’s too bad that I can’t bring back the dead though.

Hannah cheered herself up on the way back. Work hard, Hannah. You gotta prove yourself worthy of your mother’s estate.

Helen noticed that the air hangs heavy like a dulling wine, so she said, “Hannah, can we have pizza at your place today? It’s been forever since we had a meal at your house.”

Jason added, “Good idea. Dinner at your house sounds great. I wanna tag along.”

Even Winson said, “Same here. I wanna go too.”

Hannah smiled and looked at Fabian for permission. Fabian said coolly, “I’ve never had pizza at home before. I think it’s a hassle.”

Everyone was crestfallen. Huh, are you serious, Fabian? Come on!

“But it sounds like a plan, so we can give it a try,” he continued.

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