Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1332

Helen picked up the pace. “Alright. Our next stop is to head home. It’s pizza time!” she gushed.

Fabian and Hannah went their separate ways after coming back into the city. Fabian and Jason went home first, while Hannah and Helen went to grab the pizza ingredients.

The two men got into the car, and Jason asked, “You wanna buy a Porsche or a BMW? I think Hannah likes sports car too, so why not get a Ferrari for her?”

“Do I look like I’m buying a car?” Fabian asked.

“But Hannah’s car was a total loss after the accident. Aren’t you going to get her a new one?” Jason pouted.

“It can still work after some repairs,” Fabian made an offhand remark.

Jason almost choked on himself. “Are you for real? You were never this stingy.” He gawked at Fabian.

Fabian shook his head quietly and looked outside. He wasn’t being stingy. It was just that he knew Hannah would reject it even if he bought it for her.

Even after their wedding, Hannah still wanted to be self-sufficient. I’m rich, you know. You don’t have to work that hard. Fabian smiled, much to Jason’s shock.

He even started laughing and that startled Jason.

He’s gone mad!

The men came home a short while later, but the ladies hadn’t, for they had to grab the ingredients. Since they had nothing to do, Jason wanted Fabian to teach him Go. Fabian refused at first, but Jason kept begging, and he relented.

On the other side of the city, Lyna was helping out in her father’s company. She was getting along very well with the employees since she needed support after taking over the place.

But she only talked to the younger employees though, leaving the veterans aside. First, the younger employees were the main driving force behind the company. They were energetic, passionate, and more needed by the company.

Secondly, since the veterans worked with her father, they might only be loyal to him. She thought they were old geezers incapable of change, so appealing to them wouldn’t work. Once she took over, she’d switch them out for her own men.

One of the veterans looked despondent when he noticed what Lyna was doing. “The young miss only cares about the new guys. I think she has abandoned us.”

“Yeah, and I heard she gave them bonuses too. Said it’s reward for their hard work. Hey, we worked hard too, but we got nothing.”

“I don’t really mind the bonus, since we’re getting old and useless. But it’s really disappointing, you know.”

“Yeah. Honestly, I like her brother more. He’s always so respectful to us and treats us nicely. He’s genuine, unlike his sister. All she knows is solving matters with money.

They were going to retire soon, and they were the ones who worked with Leo in the early days. The Blackwoods wouldn’t be where they were if not because of them. Leo was great to them, and that was the reason why they were still around. Otherwise, they would have retired much earlier.

“Thanks for taking care of us, Lyna. We’ll help you out and grow the company once you take over.”


“Same here.”

Everyone started voicing their support for Lyna, as if they really would help her out.

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