Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1333

Lyna was beaming from the praises. “I appreciate the sentiment, but we don’t know who’s taking over until my father says so. I can’t do anything too drastic just yet,” she said ‘humbly.’

“Oh, you’re so modest, Ms. Blackwood. We know you’re taking over sooner or later,” one of the employees buttered her up.

Everyone chimed in, and Lyna’s smile broadened.

“Wait. Mr. Blackwood has a son, doesn’t he?” a newbie blurted out in ignorance.

Everyone threw him weird looks, and Lyna stopped laughing. An awkward silence fell, and the newbie realized he had spoken out of line. He quickly changed his tune, “Um, I need to use the restroom.”

With that, he scurried off quickly.

“He’s a newbie, Ms. Blackwood. Don’t blame him for speaking out of line,” one of the employees tried to shift the topic.

“He isn’t wrong though. I have a brother. It’s obvious who my father’s going to hand his estate over to.” Lyna had a cold, faraway look in her eyes, and a mirthless smile curled her lips.

She had thought about that possibility before, and she had tried to get rid of Winson through that surgery. However, not only did she fail, she made a new enemy for the inheritance—Hannah.

Winson was a boy. He might be young, but her father still had quite some years left in him. She knew he’d hand his inheritance to Winson. After Hannah’s marriage with Fabian, her father seemed to like her more and more.

Dad might not even give me anything because of them. That fact infuriated her.

“Don’t worry, Ms. Blackwood. You have us. We hold all the data and the clients’ info. You have our support, Ms. Blackwood. I’m sure you’ll be the chairperson,” the employee promised.

Lyna’s eyes gleamed. Good. They know what I’m trying to get at. And then she pretended to look crestfallen. “I know everyone’s supporting me, but I can’t fight my own brother for the control of the company. The media’s going to make a joke out of that.”

Lyna couldn’t tell anyone she wanted to be Blackwood Group’s boss. Her father would guard against her if he ever found out, and the media would shame them for it.

She didn’t think Winson was a threat though. Lyna was confident she could humiliate him when the time came. All she needed to do was to make sure her trusted aide got into power.

“Ah, I give up. I’ve been on a losing streak.” Jason tossed the piece back into the box and looked at Fabian in frustration.

Fabian shook his head. “It’s important to stay calm when playing Go. The moment you’re trying to go for the win is the moment you lose.

Fabian paused. “You need to see the big picture in Go, just like how you would in life. The pieces are your resources. You need to have your own ideas and strategize every move. And then, you strike where your opponent least expected it.”

“Seriously, Fabian? It’s just a game.” Jason shrugged at him.

“You need to grow at some point.” Fabian shook his head.

“Anyway, I give up.” Jason stood up.

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