Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1338

Darius could tell that Xavier disliked him too. Yet, he could not screw this up if he wanted to gain Yvette’s favor.

Setting his ego aside, he plastered a fake smile on his face and acted like he was regretful. “Mr. Jackson, I’m sorry that I made the trip here to bother you. However…”

What an idiot!

Xavier could not help but feel annoyed when Darius spoke.

Since you know that you are bothering me, why waste a trip here?

Besides, your expression is so fake, and you don’t look like you have something to tell me at all. Why are you putting up such a big show?

“Spit it out. What the hell do you want? My time is precious, and someone like you can’t afford it,” Xavier hissed.

He felt impatient and annoyed that someone was wasting his time by spouting nonsense.

Haha, do you think that only your time is precious? My time matters too!

Of course, these were only Darius’ inner thoughts, and he dared not to utter them. Given that Xavier heard it, Yvette’s cousin would be beaten into a pulp even if he tried to make it up by leaking information to him.

Therefore, he could only give in. “Understood. Actually, I am here because of someone’s request. Let me go straight to the point. It’s Ms. Young.”


Xavier instinctively frowned when he heard her name. In doubt, he scanned his visitor from head to toe and grilled him, “If she was looking for me, why can’t she come here herself? Why would she send you instead?”

The story did not add up. Furthermore, Xavier was bewildered because he thought this guy came to humor him and take the opportunity to gain benefits since Hannah worked under him. Unexpectedly, he declared that he was here because of Hannah.

“Ah! I shall not hide the truth from you. Ms. Young did not dare to look for you,” the man responded.

One had to praise his acting skills as his expressions seemed real and looked as though he was really pleading for Hannah.

“What? She did not dare to look for me? Why not? What does she think I will do to her when she’s already married to Fabian?” Xavier spoke agitatedly while rising from his seat.

Seeing the reaction he expected, Darius continued his act. He sighed, “Well, how could she tell you the reason? She did not dare to come because…of someone. I dare not say who it is.”

His stutters made it seem as though someone threatened him. Xavier assumed that the person behind it probably did the same to Hannah too.

Xavier narrowed his eyes. Suddenly, one name popped into his mind—Fabian. After all, he was the only person with such power to scare them like this.

Did that rascal mistreat Hannah? Why can’t she personally look for me for help? Did he make someone monitor her every move such that she has to resort to asking her colleagues for help?

Many questions were floating in his head, and he unconsciously tightened his fists.

Although he did not end up with Hannah, he still loved her and was extremely concerned about any matter that involved her.

Listening to what the other party had to say, his blood started to boil even before he verified the truth.

He seethed, “If that’s true, I will not let Fabian off!”

It was not easy for me to finally meet someone I loved, yet she chose to go with you, Fabian. However, not only did you not cherish her, you even threatened her. How dare you?

“Alright! I could guess who is behind this. You can tell me everything honestly, and I want to know all the details. I will take the blame for whatever happens, and I can assure you that Fabian can’t touch you,” Xavier stated boldly.

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