Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1341

Hannah wondered if her senior editor had a grudge against her. Why does it seem like I’m the busiest of all the team leaders? They seem like they have lots of leisure time as they are always either playing computer games or cards most of the time. Why am I so busy then?

Unfortunately, she would be wronging her senior editor by thinking so. The other heads had accumulated their clients slowly, but since she only recently took up this role, it was normal that she had to sieve through so many documents at once.

“I won’t be able to see the end of the year if I have no one else to help me with this,” Hannah grumbled as she resentfully glared at the stack that seemed taller than her.

“Hey, you can always get a personal assistant. You are a team leader anyway,” Hannah chuckled to herself but shook her head.

How could she employ a personal assistant when there are many others in her position without one?

Knock! Knock

At that moment, someone knocked on the door.

Hannah said dully, “Come in.”

Like a routine, she raised her head to see which team member was sending her more documents this time.


She was surprised to see who it was. This is not my team member. Since when did I have such a curvy, model-like lady in her team?

Who is she? Has she knocked on the wrong door?

That was Hannah’s first reaction, but she quickly got rid of her guesses. It was only recently when they cleared this office for her, and it was in a unique location, so how could that lady come to the wrong room?

“Hello, Ms. Young.”

The blonde woman reached out her right hand towards Hannah.

Nervous, Hannah swallowed her saliva and shook her hand.

Who is she? Is she here to replace me? No, that can’t be it. She has addressed me so formally, so I don’t think that’s the case. Then, what is she here for?

Hannah could not figure out the purpose of her visit and could only stare at the woman in surprise, wondering if she had ever seen her in the office before. Why do I not recognize her?

“I am Natasha Roma and a new employee in this company. The senior editor wants me to be your assistant and to learn from you,” she finally clarified her purpose here.

Natasha Roma?

Interesting. I wonder where she is from?

“Wait, what did you say? You are going to be my assistant?” Hannah reacted when she finally processed what the lady had said.

“Yes,” Natasha exclaimed.

Wow, what a coincidence! I was just thinking about employing an assistant and she actually showed up at my office in the next second. This is great! God has answered my prayer!

Most importantly. She is very pretty. “Oh, I see. This may be inappropriate, but may I know who gave you this name?” It doesn’t sound local to me.

Hannah asked her directly since she was going to be her assistant anyway, and they would be working closely together in the future.

“Do you mean Natasha? My boss gave me that name. Does it sound bad?”

Natasha seemed confused. But Hannah just smiled at her.


What? This is weird. Don’t tell her boss is her father? Unable to hold back, Hannah burst into fits of laughter.


Moments later, she finally cleared her throat and patted her assistant’s shoulder. “Okay, we will be colleagues from now on, and I can assure you that I’m easy to get along with. I don’t have many rules; in short, we shall share our ups and downs. As long as you treat me with respect, I will do the same to you. Let’s take care of each other in the future, okay?”

Hannah flashed a toothy smile.

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