Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1343

Hannah reassured herself but did not continue to ogle at Natasha’s body either. Instead, she continued to talk to her.

“Have you settled everything?” Yvette interrogated Darius as soon as she saw him.

The man looked at Yvette, who was sitting on the sofa and cheerfully boasted, “Haha, what do you think? Of course, I’ve excelled in whatever you’ve asked of me.”

As he spoke, his gaze drifted to Yvette’s legs. Swallowing his saliva, he could not help but caress them.

In response, Yvette snorted but did not squirm at his touch. Since she wanted her cousin to help her, she thought he deserved a small reward at least. However, she was not so easy as to let him cross the line. She was picky, and even her cousin was not a worthy candidate.

“Oh? Tell me how it went,” Yvette probed.

Wasting no time, Darius told her extensively about his conversation with Xavier. Naturally, he exaggerated some of the contents to make him seem more impressive to the woman he fancied.

Glad that the plan went well, Yvette beamed. Although she knew her cousin was lusting over her, she remembered that Lyna was coming over soon. In this case, they would be stopped midway anyway, so she started acting more affectionately towards him.

He was a pervert, and there was no way he could hold himself back in front of a beautiful lady like her. In the next second, he began to rip his clothes off.

Yvette did the same too.

Knock! Knock!

Before the two could fully strip, they heard a series of knocks on the door.

Yvette’s cousin frowned, evidently unhappy with the situation. He roared, “What the hell? Who is this bas*ard? This is such a crucial moment, yet we are being disrupted!”

In contrast, Yvette did not reply but had a smile on her face. Haha, the person came at the right time, and she is definitely not a bas*ard. Did you really think I would give myself to you because you did something so small for me? What a joke!

“Hmm, since we are already at this stage, are you afraid that we can’t do this another time? Right now, I think you should put your clothes back on,” Yvette teased and began to get dressed again.

Naively, Darius nodded. “That’s true. The next time we plan to hook up, I will bring you to my house. I will make sure no one disturbs us.”

Hahaha, there will not be a next time. Yvette secretly smirked.

After the two got dressed, Yvette opened the door to reveal Lyna, who she previously planned to meet.

“Yvette, I shall make my move.”

Yvette did not bother to make her cousin stay. After he left, Lyna took off her sunglasses and directed her question to the other lady, “How did it go?”

“How can I disappoint you? Everything is going smoothly,” Yvette bragged.

Despite her positive reply, Lyna still seemed bothered. Therefore, Yvette quickly questioned, “What’s wrong?”

Shaking her head, Lyna replied, “Nothing. It is something personal, and I’ve already made my decision.”

“Decision? That’s good. How about Fabian? Have you dealt with him?” Yvette remarked.

Actually, she did not want to do things this way. Since she used to be close to Fabian, she knew how he worked and his strengths.

There is no way we can match up with Fabian. How are we going to win this battle?

In the past, Yvette ever tried to persuade Lyna otherwise, but it was useless. If she did not think that Lyna had a good plan, she would have betrayed her in order to keep herself safe. So what if I have to end up going to jail? As long as she could survive three years in there, she would have everything. She might be angry, but if she could suppress her anger, she could achieve peace.

“It shouldn’t be your concern. When the time comes, everything will fall in place,” Lyna said while raising her brows.

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