Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1345

“This is my husband. He is just the president of a company.”

Hannah rolled her eyes when introducing Fabian. Men are really competitive. I’m not only on a different level than he is, but also working to pay off my debt to him.

Despite being married, Hannah refused to use Fabian’s money. After all, she believed in the importance of being an independent woman.

Fabian straightened his sleeves and extended his hand toward Natasha, “Hi, I’m Fabian Norton.”

Ha! You foolish gal. I’m surprised at how happy you are. Haven’t you wondered why your company has assigned you an assistant?

Obviously, Fabian kept his thoughts to himself. If he had exposed his plan, Hannah would definitely refuse. Furthermore, given how delighted Hannah was, he couldn’t bring himself to disappoint her.

After both of them got into the car, the three of them headed to the restaurant which Fabian had picked.

Meanwhile, Lyna was sitting inside a private villa. After taking a sip of tea, she let out a long breath.

She had bought the villa with the money Yvette gave her and put it under the name of one of her ordinary employees.

This was the headquarters of her intelligence operations. On one floor, there was a plethora of sophisticated equipment being used to spy on Fabian’s employees. Lyna continuously collected evidence of their “wrongdoings” so that she could blackmail them into helping her. Only then was she able to force Fabian to give up everything he owned.

“I didn’t expect Fabian’s company’s monthly cashflows to be so massive and that he has so many partnerships with other prominent figures,” Lyna mumbled to herself with her brows furrowed.

She was going through the Phoenix Group’s accounts which she had requested Wayne, the general manager of Phoenix Group, to obtain for her. Firstly, she planned to see who Fabian was doing business with and that if there were any opportunities for her to take over them.

Secondly, she wanted Wayne to be fully on board with her plan. As the company accounts was an extremely sensitive document, Fabian would definitely kill Wayne for leaking it to Lyna.

“Haha, Fabian, oh, Fabian, what are you working so hard for? Aren’t you ultimately raking in all these profits on my behalf? When I send my men to negotiate with those companies, you will then be trampled underneath my feet. Hahaha.”

Lyna couldn’t help but chuckle as if to declare her victory.

Picking up the phone, Lyna then instructed, “Send the man I’ve hired up. It’s time I put him to good use.”

Lyna smiled faintly as she had spent a fortune to engage a financial whiz from A Nation to help her in her quest to steal Fabian’s assets.

In less than a minute, a middle-aged man in a sharp black suit with matching leather shoes appeared before her.

As Lyna scrutinized the man, she asked doubtfully, “Are you George?”

The man replied with a laugh, “Why? Do I not look like him?”

Lyna started to doubt whether she got her money’s worth. The person in front of her looked more like a conman than some genius financier.

“Isn’t George supposed to be a foreigner? Why do you look local?” Lyna asked suspiciously.

“What? Do you have a problem with me being a local?”

George was upset. If it wasn’t for the huge amount of money you paid, I wouldn’t even be here. And now, here you are, doubting me.

“I don’t care where you come from. As long as you can help me achieve my goals, I will make it worth your while,” Lyna plainly replied.

Although she had not taken control of the Blackwood family’s company, it wasn’t difficult for her to extract funds from the company. Furthermore, she still had Yvette, who was filthy rich, backing her financially.

The last time she had requested a large sum of money, Yvette had given her a handsome amount. Therefore, she figured Yvette must be loaded, and there was no need for her to worry about money.

“Alright, it’s not like your appearance matters for the job anyway. These are the accounts belonging to the company I’m looking to attack. Go through them as you will be responsible for plotting its takeover,” Lyna asserted as she handed the financial accounts to George.

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