Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1348

“I need to work overtime tomorrow when I already had plans to go to the gym with Natasha. Now, I can forget about it. I just can’t keep up with the changes to my schedule. Furthermore, my editor is being difficult. He insists that I do an interview despite how tired I am. I feel as if he is doing it on purpose,” Hannah sighed in a dejected tone.

Fabian smiled as he had assumed it was something worse. When he realized it was just about working overtime, he raised his eyebrow and tempted her, “How about this? Why don’t I talk to your editor for you?”

Hannah’s eyes lit up when she heard Fabian’s words, but her joy was short-lived after giving it some thought.

Bob had just mentioned that Xavier insisted that she do the interview. If she didn’t comply, or if Fabian got involved, an argument between him and Xavier would likely ensue.

After some consideration, Hannah finally relented, “Forget it. I’ll deal with work myself.”

Very quickly, Hannah wiped the disappointment off her face and smiled at both Fabian and Natasha, “Enough, let’s not dwell on it anymore. Come, let’s eat.”

“Ms. Blackwood, I have gone through the documents you have given me,” George remarked.

Taking a deep breath to calm himself down, he put the files down in front of Lyna.

He couldn’t help but feel shocked after doing a deep dive on Phoenix Group’s accounts. He had realized that he was faced with a Herculean task. Ever since he started work, he had ruined more than fifty companies. However, none of them were as massive as Phoenix Group.

“Oh? How about it? Have you found its weakness?”

Lyna was leaning back on her chair thinking about Blackwood Group. After George made his comment, her curiosity was suddenly piqued.

“This is an extremely sophisticated company. From how the cash flows within the company, I can see that they are involved in a broad spectrum of industries. Moreover, they have at least five billion in liquidity,” George explained in earnest.

The difficulty of the task that lay ahead caused him to drop his usual languid expression.

Lyna nodded thoughtfully. After all, she was cognizant that George had returned from overseas and wasn’t aware of how powerful Fabian was within the country.

However, anyone who was familiar with Fabian would still be shocked to know that the company had five billion in reserves. Even if the company collapsed overnight, it would still be resilient enough to prop itself up with so many funds.

“So what about it? Are you scared now?” Lyna taunted George with her question.

What a joke, how can a genius ever be doubted?

This was something George couldn’t tolerate. Ever since he started, he had never failed before, causing him to have an inflated ego.

“Huh? To be honest, I never knew what being scared feels like.”

Although the Phoenix Group represented a daunting task to him, he also saw it as a challenge. Therefore, he was extremely motivated to give it a go.

George’s eyes were filled with anticipation as if he was relishing in the thought of challenging Fabian. He couldn’t help but let out a confident smile, “Although he has a very strong company, it’s still just a matter of me spending a little more time on it. Haha. Nevertheless, I do look forward to facing off with the boss of Phoenix Group.”

“Oh? Should I praise you for your ingenuity or admonish you for being overly ambitious? Do you think you can take on Fabian with that attitude of yours?”

Lyna felt that George was being overconfident after hearing his comments. Do you think Fabian is that easy to take down? If he was, I wouldn’t have failed after so many times and almost got close to being exposed.

“Fabian, huh? He is nothing but a stepping stone for me toward greater heights. Once I’m done with him, my reputation will be greatly elevated. By then, my fees would definitely jump by multiple folds,” George claimed confidently as if he was already victorious over Fabian.

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