Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1350

Lyna couldn’t help but feel shocked once George had finished explaining his plan. Despite her doubts and worries, she knew that this was “do or die” against Fabian.

“How about it? Have you made up your mind yet? This plan will utterly destroy the company, although it does require an immense amount of resources. You will need to manage it for three to four years before you can get your capital back,” George asked Lyna.

In truth, George was worried that Lyna would shy away from his plan due to the massive commitments she needed to make or simply out of fear. In that case, wouldn’t I miss the opportunity to cross swords with another genius?

George wasn’t aware that Fabian had inherited his family’s business. He assumed that the latter had built everything by himself, causing him to see Fabian as a worthy rival. If he had known the truth, his enthusiasm would have dampened accordingly.

After deep consideration, Lyna gritted her teeth and scowled, “Fine. I’ll think of how to gather the funds needed. As for the rest, we will go along with your plan.”

Lyna steeled herself when she made the decisive choice. She knew that the plan would either spell the end of Fabian or her own doom.

“Since both of you can’t stop chatting, why don’t we invite Natasha over to our home?” Fabian casually suggested when he saw how both of them were chatting happily.

Extremely supportive of the idea, Hannah added, “That’s right. Come over to our place where we can continue to talk. After all, we have the afternoon off, and I need to work overtime tomorrow. Besides, I’m not sure when we will have time for this again.”

Natasha readily agreed as she was sent by Fabian to act as Hannah’s bodyguard. After all, if Hannah went home, she still had to watch over her from the shadows.

“That’s a great idea. However, I’m just worried that I’ll be in the way,” Natasha replied.

“Definitely not. I couldn’t be more delighted to have you as our guest.”

Hannah’s smile was so wide that she was flashing her teeth.

“Haha, she is worried that she will be in my way. But, I still have some work at the office. So, both of you should go on without me.”

Fabian teased Hannah jokingly.

“Sheesh, how shameless can you be? So what if she is in your way? Can you even do anything about it?” Hannah snapped, squirming her lips.

Ever since their wedding, Fabian inexplicably became more easy-going. Noticing the change, Hannah grew more domineering instead. This is what you get for bullying me previously. Given how rare it is for you to compromise, it would be foolish of me to not get my revenge.

What Hannah meant by bully was simply him letting her win their verbal squabbles. But physically, he still did what he wanted with her as always.

“Mr. Jackson, there they are,” Xavier’s assistant informed him discreetly.

Meanwhile, Xavier looked in the direction his assistant was pointing at and saw Fabian, Hannah, and Natasha chatting together.

At the moment, Hannah had a grimacing expression on because she was making a face at Fabian. However, Xavier took it as a cry for help to save her from Fabian’s clutches.

Holding that thought, he quickened his pace toward them. His palms curled into a fist in anger, feeling the urge to teach Fabian a lesson.

“Fabian!” Xavier yelled as he walked up to Fabian, seething.

Despite his attempts at suppressing his anger, he still couldn’t hide the rage in his tone.

“What? Xavier?” Fabian snapped, springing to his feet when he saw Xavier storming over.

He wanted to avoid a conflict with Xavier, but it didn’t mean he was afraid of him.

Damn it, this means trouble! Will these two end up fighting?

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