Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1352

With that thought in mind, Fabian agreed, “Alright, since you have a business proposition, it would be foolish of me to refuse. I’ll see you at your office then.”

Although it was common for people of their stature to use unscrupulous means for revenge, Fabian wasn’t worried. Despite the animosity between him and Xavier, Fabian was still confident of Xavier’s character.

On the other hand, Hannah was very worried about Fabian when she saw how aggressive Xavier was. Pulling Fabian back forcefully, she shook her head and remarked, “Whatever it is, we will talk in your office tomorrow.”

When Xavier heard her response, he assumed that she didn’t want Fabian to know that she had requested his help in secret. Nevertheless, he was still peeved by the sight of Fabian and softly reassured Hannah, “Don’t worry, I won’t do anything rash.”

Reading between the lines, he was telling her that he won’t reveal her true intentions to Fabian before he had rescued her from Fabian’s evil grasp.

Hannah was stumped. What the hell? Who are you kidding? Are you calling what just happened “nothing at all?” If I hadn’t held Fabian back, both of you would have gotten into a fight.

A cold glint flashed in Fabian’s eyes when he heard what Xavier said to Hannah. He couldn’t help but feel outraged at the fact that Xavier was still interested in his wife. I’ll definitely be there at your office to see what sort of tricks you have up your sleeve.

“Since you have agreed to come over, please make sure you keep your word. Or else, I’ll lose my respect for you,” Xavier sneered before he left.

“Fabian, don’t stoop to his level. I think he assumes I turned down his interview because you didn’t allow me to do it. That’s why he stormed over. Don’t be angry. Also, whatever sh*tty business he proposes is likely a ruse, so please don’t go.”

After Xavier had left, Hannah sat Fabian down and persuaded him.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.”

Stroking Hannah’s head with a smile, Fabian stared at her longingly as she spoke.

He knew that Hannah was just worried about him and didn’t mean anything else.

Also, when he thought about how Hannah tried her best to avoid Xavier’s interview, he couldn’t help but feel delighted. After all, it meant that she was worried about him feeling jealous which showed how important he was to her.

“In that case, I’ll go with you,” Hannah asserted.

Hannah figured that with her there, she could at least stop them from fighting.

“What? Don’t you trust me?” Fabian quipped affectionately as he pulled her into his embrace and pinched her cheeks.

Hannah couldn’t help but sigh at how true his words were. She knew it was useless to dissuade him and could only pray that nothing untoward would happen.


“Ms. Blackwood, everything is in place. We just need him to step into our trap,” one of Lyna’s trusted aides in Blackwood Group reported to her.

Lyna nodded in satisfaction as she had spent a lot of time bringing the plan to fruition. Now that everything was in place, they could begin to execute it.

“Alright. I’ll find an opportunity within the next two days to strike. I believe I’ll be able to get my hands on Winson’s shares in a very short time. The entire Blackwood Group will be mine soon, and no one can stand in my way,” Lyna declared with a laugh.

Her aide couldn’t help but feel excited over her words. Once Lyna was in control of Blackwood Group, he, as her top lieutenant, would naturally be rewarded with the post of general manager. Therefore, he congratulated Lyna with a smile, “Ms. Blackwood, congratulations, you have finally succeeded.”

“It’s still premature to celebrate. We haven’t succeeded yet, have we?”

However, Lyna changed her tack the next moment and added, “However, I believe that there’s nothing that foolish child, Winson, can do to stop us. Hahaha…”

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