Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1354

William was someone who wasn’t serious about his work and liked to ingratiate himself to Fabian. Nevertheless, he was still competent enough to carry out the responsibilities of a vice president. However, he had one weakness which was women.

Holding that thought, Fabian wondered which lady did William upset this time that resulted in Daniel exposing his misbehaviors. Perhaps, William made advances on his wife…

Fabian couldn’t help but shake his head. That’s just not acceptable. After that, he asked, “Tell me, what did William do?”

If he really did that, I will have to intervene and solve this problem.

“Mr. Norton, last night, Mr. Greis assigned me a task which I worked till midnight to complete. But, I didn’t hand it to him until the next day. However, when I entered his office, there was no one in there. Since it was an urgent document, I decided to wait for him, just in case he needed me to make any amendments. Hence, while waiting for him, the phone suddenly rang. I didn’t pick it up in the beginning…”

While Daniel recounted the event from memory, Fabian began to grow impatient. Where is this going? Why are you rambling on instead of getting to the point? If you are here to complain that you have waited impatiently in his office, I promise I will sack you.

“Get to the point,” Fabian snapped.

How did the company hire someone like that? Don’t they know people who run reports should be concise and sharp?

“Yes! Mr. Norton, coming right up.” Feeling the pressure, Daniel replied quickly.

“When I answered the call, I heard the person on the other line say, ‘Mr. Greis, what’s the progress on the report? The boss is getting impatient. If Fabian isn’t killed, we will be the ones to die.’ I obviously knew that they were talking about you. Therefore, I ended the call and ran out of the office. I hurried here right away and have not gone back since.”

Daniel looked at Fabian when he finished, hoping that Fabian would believe his words.

Fabian couldn’t help but feel shocked. They want me dead? They will be killed if I’m not? At the same time, he wondered if Daniel was lying to him. But from the looks of it, he seemed to be telling the truth.

“Alright. I understand. You can go now,” Fabian replied, furrowing his eyebrows.


Daniel took two steps back awkwardly and didn’t seem like he intended to leave. He knew that if he returned, he would likely have to suffer the consequences. Now that he was aware William was going to harm Fabian, there was no way William would let him go.

When Fabian noticed Daniel’s hesitation, he quickly realized what the issue was.

“Alright, please wait downstairs. I’ll send someone to escort you home and ensure your safety. For now, you don’t have to go back to your office. Once the matter is over, I’ll arrange for you to come work at Phoenix Group,” Fabian allayed Daniel’s fears.

Daniel’s face lit up in response. After all, that was what he was worried about.

Fabian had not only solved Daniel’s problem but also allowed him to come work at their headquarters. As Phoenix Group was an even larger company, the employee benefits were definitely better. Delighted by the arrangement, Daniel thanked Fabian profusely.

“Thank you, thank you, Mr. Norton. I will definitely work hard and not disappoint you.”

Ignoring Daniel, Fabian leaned back into his chair and fell deep into thought.

I have always treated these men well. Even when they made mistakes, I would let it slide or give them a token punishment. I would not hold it against them as long as it wasn’t too serious. However, I didn’t expect them to underestimate me to the extent of causing my death.

“Huh! Oh, William, I would like to see if you are really capable of destroying me.”

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