Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1355

Fabian’s eyes flashed with murderous intent at the thought. The next moment, he picked up the phone and gave his trusted aide a call.

“I want to know everything about William Greis,” Fabian instructed.

“William Gries? Who’s William Gries?”

Puzzled, the aide couldn’t help but ask.

Fabian was infuriated by his response. No wonder people are threatening my life. My own subordinate’s brain has gone rusty. How can you not know about something as important as this? You even have the cheek to ask who it is!

“The vice president of Galaxy Corp, William Greis! Do you understand? The vice president of our subsidiary, Galaxy Corp!” Fabian scowled.

“Alright, alright, I hear you. I’ll find out every single detail about his recent activities,” the aide quickly replied when he realized Fabian was losing his temper.

Fabian slammed the phone to end the call. No wonder I have a niggling sense of dread. It appears that someone wants me dead. But, they don’t realize how daunting their task is. If it was that easy, I would have been killed more than ten times over.

After giving it further thought, Fabian picked up the phone again and called the Baykeep police chief. “Hello, Captain Duncan, it’s Fabian.”

Over on the other line, an obsequious voice was heard. “Oh, Mr. Norton, I’m surprised that you called. How can I be of service?”

The police chief and Fabian enjoyed a very good relationship. When he was a deputy chief, Fabian had provided him with resources and information to bust a major case, resulting in his promotion. Therefore, he had always felt indebted to Fabian.

“To be honest, I’m calling you because I’m faced with some trouble. I need you to send out an arrest warrant and to monitor all of Baykeep’s transportation routes, especially those of airlines.”

Captain Duncan couldn’t help but feel shocked. Arrest warrant? That sounds serious. Given the gravity of the situation, someone like him knew what was appropriate to ask and what wasn’t. Even though he might be on good terms with Fabian, he still had to be sensitive with his questions.

“Alright, send me his details, and I’ll give the order,” Captain Duncan readily agreed.

“Okay, I’ll do it at once,” Fabian ended the call.

Fabian’s reason for doing so was that he was worried William would flee while he still had the chance. With William gone, he wouldn’t be able to get to the bottom of the matter.

After all, Fabian was cognizant that there was more to the matter than met the eye. The mysterious enemy who wanted him dead wasn’t going to do it via a simple assassination. Everyone knew that he was protected from the shadows by more than ten bodyguards. Trying to assassinate him was just suicide.

Holding that thought, Fabian massaged his temples as there really was a lot going on recently.

“That idiot!” Lyna screamed in rage.

She was leaning against her chair when she heard her trusted aide’s report.

“I asked him to check with William for updates but didn’t expect him to call William’s office instead. Furthermore, he was overheard by someone else. How idiotic can he be? Hmph! If he ends up spoiling my plans, I will definitely make him pay!” Lyna calmed down quickly after her rant.

She was aware that their plot had been uncovered. Luckily, William informed her early enough. Or else, the trivial mistake would end up causing their whole scheme to fail.

“The priority now is to send William out of Chanaea. Or else, if Fabian manages to get his hand on him, more people will be exposed.”

After weighing her options, Lyna called her trusted aide. She immediately ordered him to escort William to the airport and get him on the earliest flight out to Pontotium.

“Listen up. If the police are having a search at the airport, you will have to dispose of William right away. He cannot be arrested alive. Do you understand?” Lyna instructed.

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