Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1357

“Are you f*cking dumb? Do you want to be fired or what?”

If the aide was standing in front of Fabian, Fabian would have rushed forward and slapped him repeatedly just to get some sense into him.

The aide was puzzled as to why Fabian was angry as he had done as Fabian instructed.

“Get someone else to run through the report with me,” Fabian yelled into the phone.

This man is an idiot. What was I thinking when I hired him?

To serve Fabian better and more efficiently, the number that Fabian called always had someone manning it twenty-four hours a day. They were ready to execute Fabian’s instructions at any time. Furthermore, they were all handpicked by Fabian himself. Unfortunately, the one on duty today was an imbecile.

“Report your findings,” Fabian barked into the phone.

Obviously, it was a different person on the line this time, who reported the findings as it was. “William is a lecherous person and would be with different women at different times. Most of his contacts do not arouse any suspicion save for one. He is one of the department managers here at headquarters and has called William a few times. Three days ago, William went to see him in the morning.”

The new aide was a lot more competent and no longer reported what underwear William was wearing. Calming himself down, Fabian asked, “Who is it?”

“The manager of Phoenix Group’s sales department, Waylon Wallace.”

After a brief pause, the aide continued, “This morning, there was a call made to William. When we called back, the phone had been turned off. However, we found out that the number belonged to Waylon.”

“Waylon? Alright. I understand. Is there anything else that’s suspicious?”

Fabian’s eyes were squinting at the thought that there were even employees at headquarters who were involved in this. They seem to be getting more brazen by the day.

“That’s all we have so far,” the aide replied.

“Alright. Go to headquarters at once and seize Waylon. After that, wait for my return,” Fabian instructed before ending the call.

“Interesting… I wonder who else can I uncover this time. After all, both these men are high profile employees after all,” Fabian mumbled to himself sullenly.

“Hello, Ms. Blackwood, I have disposed of Waylon.”

Putting on his sunglasses, Wayne walked out from a private room in a café.

“Alright. Did you leave any tracks behind? If Fabian finds out, all of you are done for,” Lyna asked over the line.

“Don’t worry, I’m not as incompetent as Waylon,” Wayne replied coldly, as he was still upset with Lyna until now.

If it wasn’t for her, he wouldn’t be stuck in this situation, feeling on edge every day. Furthermore, he had to keep promoting her cause aggressively to other employees.

“That goes without saying. Without you, our group wouldn’t be as big as it is now,” Lyna laughed before ending the call.

“Hah, what’s there to be angry about? No matter how frustrated you are, you have no choice but to obey me,” Lyna mumbled to herself as she let out a contemptuous smile.

Wayne was naturally executing Lyna’s orders. After all, she could not risk having anything go wrong right now. Any mistake could cause her plot to unravel. If Fabian captured Waylon, he would then expose everyone, which was something she could ill afford.

As for William, men were also sent to dispose of him in the event he failed to flee the country. After all, dead men would tell no tales.

When Lyna surmised that she could plug all the leaks in her plan this way, she nodded in satisfaction.

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