Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1361

Although Xavier’s face darkened, he didn’t utter a word and kept walking toward his office.

“Tell me why you want to meet me.”

Fabian soon arrived at Xavier’s office. Since there were only two of them in the office, Fabian asked straightforwardly so that he wouldn’t waste any time.

“You’re asking me? Why don’t you ask yourself!” Xavier said harshly.

He didn’t wish to dwell on what happened earlier.

But since Fabian pretended to be innocent, Xavier couldn’t help but feel furious. He thought about Hannah, who was threatened by Fabian. I can let it pass even though you took the love of my life away from me. Now that you already have her, how could you treat her this way?

“Oh? Why should I?”

Fabian was a little bewildered. Did I do something wrong that I, myself, am not aware of it, yet Xavier knows? Is this… a joke?

“I don’t understand what you’re talking about. Just tell me, Mr. Jackson. There’s no need to beat around the bush,” Fabian said.

“Hah! Am I beating around the bush? Don’t you know what you did? I really admire you for that. Have you forgotten about what happened to Vivian? Or are you that heartless to pretend that it didn’t happen? Humph!” Since Fabian didn’t admit to it, Xavier finally lost his temper and berated Fabian.

The incident was a scar engraved on Fabian’s heart. Although it happened for quite some time ago, he didn’t wish to bring it up again. However, Xavier mentioned it nevertheless and even accused him of being heartless.

“Mr. Jackson, it’s none of your business to ascertain if I’m heartless. Besides, I don’t have time to entertain those who only know half of the truth! You’re wasting my time!” Fabian rebutted coldly.

Since we are from five prominent families, I didn’t want to dwell on your mistakes. However, it is you who want to find fault with me now. Do you think I won’t teach you a lesson? Don’t forget that the Norton family ranks first among all five prominent families.

Fabian was boiling with rage as Xavier kept looking for trouble.

“Very well… Since you wanted me to be straightforward, I’ll say it out loud right now!” With that said, Xavier took a step forward and stood in front of Fabian.

“We used to engage in a fair competition. But since Hannah had chosen to marry you because she loves you, I had given you both my blessing. However, how did you treat Hannah? By having men following her 24/7 and robbing her of her freedom? I have had enough of your nonsense! From now on, I’ll win her over!”

Fabian snickered, “All that just to tell me that you’re after my wife. Does the way I treat her concern you in any way? Win her over? Hahaha! I dare you to!”

At that, Fabian looked at Xavier coldly, thinking that Xavier had some misunderstanding about him. Nonetheless, he didn’t wish to argue with him as he trusted Hannah with all his heart. Hannah might be a little silly at times, but she will never betray me. Fabian was confident about it.

Besides, Fabian felt that Xavier’s reaction was ridiculous. This man still couldn’t forget Hannah even after Hannah married him. The truth is that I simply assigned several subordinates to accompany and protect Hannah. How dare he make such a wild accusation, saying that I’ve robbed her of her freedom? Why would I do that? Does he think I’m a psychopath?

Since Fabian didn’t deny the allegation, Xavier provoked him confidently and continued furiously, “Fabian, you don’t deserve to be a man for making such a remark. I pity Hannah for marrying you. Besides, I can finally see through you. From today onward, I’ll discuss with my family to terminate all partnerships between the two companies.”

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