Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1362

Knitting his brows, Fabian retorted, “What? Do you think the Norton family will be afraid of you? If there’s nothing else, I’ll be leaving now.”

Before Xavier could reply, Fabian turned around and walked towards the exit.

However, he stopped halfway and added with a sneer, “By the way, you’re not the one who can decide whether you want to terminate our partnership. Don’t think too highly of yourself.”

Fabian was right. The partnership between the two companies couldn’t terminate with merely a few words as it was established by their prior generation. Besides, the members of both families and the other prominent families would definitely voice their objections upon hearing this.

If they were to terminate their partnership, the Jackson family would suffer bigger losses than the Norton family. After all, the all-powerful Norton family could easily choose another partner and only make slightly less profit.

After that, Fabian left Xavier’s company quickly. On his way back to the office, Fabian received a phone call. He was informed that Waylon wasn’t in the company but was already murdered in a private room at a café.

Fabian massaged his temples to calm himself down. Then, he instructed his subordinates to rush to the airport to find William. He believed that William would board a flight if he wanted to leave earlier.

Soon, he received disappointing news from his subordinates at the airport. William indeed planned to board a flight to leave. However, when Fabian’s subordinates found William, the two men beside William immediately drew their knives.

Fabian’s subordinates weren’t afraid and were ready to engage. Nonetheless, because they were far from William, the two men unexpectedly stabbed William’s body with their knives five times. At that point, they weren’t sure if William was already dead or still alive.

Miles away, Lyna, who was in her private villa, was relieved after receiving the news. “Fortunately, I was smart enough to send my men in advance, or William will be in Fabian’s hands by now.”

She was satisfied upon listening to her trusted aide’s report. Since William was stabbed five times, there’s no way he would survive! Hahaha!

In the office, Fabian was trying to figure out who wanted to target him. As he was deep in thought, he suddenly received a phone call from A Nation.

“Hello, Mr. Norton. I’ve found out the information you need.”

Fabian had instructed him to find out news about Yvette after she arrived at A Nation. “How is it? Have you found her?” he asked.

“Yes, we found her. We stopped her at one of the streets at A Nation. She was timid and immediately confessed that she was merely a double,” The man reported to Fabian thoroughly over the phone.

“A double? What do you mean?”

Fabian couldn’t help but feel shocked.

“She told me that because she looked like Yvette, someone asked her to be Yvette’s double and came to A Nation. In return, she would receive a hundred million. As such, she agreed to the offer. Also, the one who came to A Nation alongside Yvette was a double as well.”

Fabian took a deep breath once he finished listening. What an elaborate trick! Even I fell for it! A moment later, he said over the phone, “Okay, I know it. Thanks for your help.”

After hanging up the phone, he stood straight and looked out the window. Deep in his heart, he felt that there was a huge conspiracy behind everything.

He was certain that it wasn’t Yvette’s own idea to use a double to mislead him. After all, he knew her very well that under such circumstances, she couldn’t come up with such an elaborate trick.

As such, there was definitely a mastermind behind Yvette who controlled everything and was careful in taking every step. In that case, her so-called cousin was undoubtedly a double. This was the reason that his subordinates were unable to find any information for quite some time.

“If I’m not mistaken, this incident was also planned by Yvette and her gang. The mastermind behind Yvette must hold a deep grudge against me, or else she wouldn’t do so much to help Yvette.”

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